Thursday, May 31, 2012

If I was a celebrity makeup artist...

If I was a celebrity makeup artist, my first few orders of business would consist of the following:

 Beg Leighton Meester to put on a little eyeliner. Especially as her alter ego Blaire Waldorf.

 Explain to Kris Jenner (nee' Kardashian) that a black-as-night smokey eye is not for a woman of her age. She could take about 15 years off if she would simply embrace earth tones.

Raise your hand if you wish Miranda Kerr would put on a little blush. She already has a baby face, so with just the red lip she looks like a ten year old playing dress up in her mama's Mary Kay lipstick.

I don't see what is so hard about taking a makeup wipe and using it to clean up under BSpears' eyes. She looks like she is in a constant state of "I slept in this makeup." Follow it up with a little concealer and she could hide a multitude of skin sins.

Whose makeup drives you cray-cray??

Monday, May 28, 2012

beauty night

A night for girls.   Who's ready for summer?  Come get ready with us!!  We are hosting a Beauty Night and your attendance is mandatory.  That's right.  A whole night devoted to getting ready for summer. 

We are offering (just cause we like you)

Hair:(H)  Deep conditioning treatment OR layer refresher (trim)
Waxing:(C) Brows 
Spray Tans by our friend Mallory (she's the best, no orange in sight!)
all 3 for $45.  

and all in one night.

Are you even kidding me right now?  You need to be there. You deserve a little girls night.  Grab some friends and come say hi! We love meeting our readers!

Mark your calendars - THIS Thursday from 7-9 pm

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nighttime Products

I am a creature of habit. There are so many products I want to try and millions of dog-earred magazine pages to prove it. But I just don't have it in me to ditch my old faithfuls. 

Here are my trusty nighttime products.

Clockwise from left:
MAC makeup wipes- when I have lash extensions (like now), it is much easier to use a makeup wipe than use cleanser. These are my very favorite. They have a sugar-based makeup remover in them that dissolves makeup and leaves skin clean and soft.
Claw clips (don't hate)- I can't get away from them. When I wake up in the night to feed my baby, I always use one to pull up my hair. It doesn't tug or pull and it never leaves a crease (very important.)
Cetaphil Cream- I get claustrophobic if my skin is dry. I have been putting this cream on my hands and feet as long as I can remember. No other brand's is as thick or moisturizing. (For the best deal, pick up the large tub at Costco)
Image Ormedic organic facial cleanser- my very favorite cleanser. It foams but doesn't strip and has no artificial ingredients in it because it is organic. I recommend it for almost every skin type.
Olay Regenerist night cream- thick and luscious, this cream does it all. And smells divine.
Blistex chapstick- an oldie but goodie. If I don't wear chapstick to bed it makes me have anxiety (no wonder it takes me forever to get ready for bed. I have major OCD).
CND cuticle oil- love this stuff. the smell is great and it really helps my cuticles not be so trashed.
Image Total Skin Bleaching Cream- my nightly serum that is helping my pregnancy mask disappear! yay for no more dark spots. Now, just to stay out of the sun this summer so I don't take one step forward and two steps back...

What nighttime products can you not live without??

Also, we never heard from our brow winner! So, our new winner is: Chelsea, who said:
Blogger Ryan and Chelsea said...
I have been waxing my eyebrows myself for years. Needless to say, I am no expert, but I do the best i know how. After watching your video on doing brows I have done my best to shape them but it would be SO AWESOME if I could have a personal consultation with you!! EEEEEK! I bought my first brow pencil from walmart and have been trying to use it, but again-- don't really know how!!

I come from a family with dark bushy eyebrows and I have to pluck DAILY to keep them under control!! Please pick me!!!

You have 48 hours to claim your prize!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Brow Winner

The lucky winner of our brow giveaway is: 

Who said:

Blogger Lance and Jeneale said...
Ahh! This would be amazing! I have always struggled with the shape of my brows because of the way they grow and how low they are on my face. Im always raising my brows (like I'm surprised about something) in pictures, to get a somewhat decent arch! I am never sure whether to go thinner or how much to trim them? I would absolutely loooove some help with my brows!

Yay Jeneale! I'm so excited to hook a sister up with some brow love. Email me at to schedule an appointment.

And, since I love to give, anyone who entered the giveaway is eligible for an $8 brow wax from me! Email us to claim your discount!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

WW: Swan Lake

Weekend Wardrobe
all about the details.

Shirt: F21
High waisted skirt: H&M
Earrings: Anthropologie
NEON shellac:  Emily Yeager
Bracelets: J Crew & F21

Thursday, May 17, 2012

calling all blondes

Summer is among us.  Time to amp up your blonde.
Two summery shades of blonde now trending.

Description: The Vanilla Vixen
Tell your stylist you want: Cool toned blonde.  And break your base.  

Description: The Caramel Delight
Tell your stylist:  Warm toned blonde please!  Dimension and shine please and thank you.  

Does your hair follow seasonal trends?  Do you go lighter in the summer, darker in the winter months?  Or have you nixed this tradition?  Tell us!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Brow Wow!

True or False: I have properly installed in you the importance for eyebrow maintenance?

It has come to my attention that many of you are still not giving your brows (and yourself!) the TLC they deserve.

With that in mind, I am feeling generous.

I have devised a giveaway/contest of sorts. I call it: 
"Who needs C's services the most?" 
(I should work on a catchier name.)

Leave a comment regaling us with why you need your brows reinvented or what your worst brow horror story is. 
We love a good anecdote.

The winner (judged by H&C) will get a 
free brow consultation, wax, and MAC brow pencil compliments of C, brow guru to all the prettiest girls in AZ (including YOU!!)

Yay for fun giveaways that give you the chance to tell us why you deserve some pampering!
Ready. Set. GO.
Contest ends Thursday, May 17th at midnight. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

style to the MAX(i)

maxi mania for this mama.

 Note to self: add maxi's to summer wardrobe.  Some of my favorite Hollywood mamas are donning the ever-popular maxi dress.  (Target had some super cute ones!  And grab some colored skinnies while you're at it).

  Celeb Inspiration                     For Your Closet                                                                 








                                                                       (pictures from

1. Gwen Stefani, Nordstrom
2.Miranda Kerr, TopShop
3. Heidi Klum, Piperlime
4. January Jones, Gap
5.  Molly Sims, Bluefly
6. Rachel Zoe, Piperlime
7. Vanessa Lachey, Nordstorm

Monday, May 7, 2012

Studio Fix {what's broken}

I have wanted to do this post for a long time. But my job at MAC made for a conflict of interest. Now that I work for myself again I want to give you, my dear readers, some much overdue information and advice.

How many of you have heard of, have used or currently use 
MAC Studio Fix powder plus foundation?

Don't bother denying it. I know the power this product has over people.
Please, please. For the love of all things beautiful, walk away from the Studio Fix.

Here's a little background info on Studio Fix.
MAC started in 1985 and Studio Fix was one of their first products. People immediately fell in love with its heavy coverage and matte finish. However, as times changed and products were updated with better technology, MAC decided to keep the formula for SF the same because of its intense cult following (don't fix what's not broken, right? wrong.) SF powder is terrible for 90% of people. It clogs pores and aggravates skin issues (acne, etc.). It's formula hasn't been updated in over 25 years, peeps.

You may be asking yourself, why do people use this wretched product?
Because once you start, it's hard to stop. It's like a drug. Your skin breaks out so you need more coverage. You put on more powder. Your skin gets worse.  Soon you are touching up 5 times a day. Your face makeup is one-inch thick. You have to chisel it off at night. When you do, you see that your skin has gotten even worse. In the morning, you put even more powder on to cover it. The cycle perpetuates. Are we getting the picture?

Now, there are, of course, exceptions to every rule. If you have perfect skin and if your skin doesn't react easily to products, then please, by all means, keep using SF. I'm not being sarcastic. In fact, I myself used (past tense) SF for years. BUT I have seen the consequences of said actions. You have been warned.

Have I sufficiently scared you straight?
For advice on what face makeup to switch to, email us or leave a comment. I hate to leave you hanging after this horror story.

As a side note, whenever I indulge people with this information they tell me, "But I just bought a brand new one!" If you have your box (if you bought it at Nordstrom or Dillards) or your receipt (if it's from the MAC store), they will gladly exchange your (lightly used) product for you.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

i can hear the (gossip girl) belles

Confession: I have missed the last couple seasons of Gossip Girl.  (if your husband tells you he wants to go to law school, just say no)
But I did find the hairstylists that did the hair for the show and gave us the step-by-steps on how to achieve their look. you're welcome.

by the way, BLAIR got married?!?!  If it's not to Chuck, I don't even want to try watching the missed episodes.  Don't tell me.  Chuck + Blair or bust.

Blair Waldorf

“I looked at a lot of fairy tale characters and images from Lord of the Rings to create this modern bridal look for Leighton Meister's character Blair Waldorf,” states Lizzie Reilly, Leighton's personal hairstylist on Gossip Girl. On Leighton’s damp hair, Lizzie first sprayed root lifter and keratin heat protectant spray to give lift and volume at the roots to her fine hair, then blow-dried her hair using the H2PRO 2500 Ultra Light Dryer. Next, she clipped in hair extensions and used ½-inch and 1½-inch curling irons to curl the hair. “I took random sections and curled the hair in all different directions from the roots to the ends, avoiding a patterned look," she says. "I then took the H2PRO BLACK ONYX styling iron and flattened the ends of the hair (the last 1½ inches), so the curls were not tightly formed, but instead looked a little more natural and piece-y. Then, I used the 2500 dryer without using the diffuser and pulled the roots to give extra lift and volume.” Lizzie lightly sprayed Leighton’shair before placing the bridal veil over." behindthechair

 Serena Van Der Woodsen

First she washed her hair and then blow-dried it using a large round brush, volumizing spray, and the H2PRO 2500 Nano Hi Tech Ultra Light Dryer. After it was completely dry, she backcombed from the roots to midway down the hair with a Mason Pearson brush, creating volume and height. Next, she smoothed the hair and twisted it at the nape, securing the twist with bobby pins and leaving the ponytail hanging in back. “It’s kind of a French twist gone loose,” says Jennifer. “Usually with a French twist, you put their hair up, but for this twist, we let the hair down.” She finished the hair by flat ironing a few select strands of the ponytail using the H2PRO BLACK ONYX styling iron. “It’s a very modern 1960s-inspired look,” she adds. For the finishing touch, Jennifer placed a feathered headband into the hair for a chic, wedding-appropriate look." behindthechair

Has anyone tried these styling tools?  I feel like I need them.
you know you love me xoxo,