Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscars 2012

The Oscars!
Fashion's (and celebrities') big night out!
It didn't disappoint.

The big trends were RED and WHITE.

Also. Good thing H and I couldn't collaborate on this post in person because there could have been a knock down drag out fight over some of these dresses (kidding. kind of.)


H: Red hot! You're a little slice of cherry pie Emma!
C: I love this so much it makes my heart beat faster. What an amazing choice. The fabric is to die.

H: This falls under the "just because it's vintage doesn't mean you should wear it to the Oscar's" category. I hate how she (her team) styled this. The jewelry, the bag, and the dress just don't go together!
C: Natalie Portman slipped from being fashion star last year during the awards shows to being a total mess. This dress was obviously originally purchased at Windsor, sold at a second hand store, and passed off as vintage. And her hair!! Sad story.

H: Her hair is approx 1 million times better this award show (PROPS). LOVE the dress but if we're being picky there is a brooch on the dress that needs to go and not a fan of the pink clutch.
C: Cue the Hallelujah chorus! This is the only dress I have liked of hers this award's season and she totally redeemed her other luke-warm choices. The color, fabric, fit are all perfection. Although I agree about the bag (is it Hello Kitty brand?) it's not enough to taint the otherwise fabulosity that is Michelle Williams.


H: One of my favorite looks of the night!! Dear G, you make me want to wear a cape on a daily basis. sincerly, H.
C: REALLY? I thought she looked like the Pope! And what's with the helmut-head hair (try to say that 10 times fast)?

H: Feel free to disagree but I loved Rooney in this number. So soft and pretty to counter those severe bangs/hair/makeup.
C: I loved it as well. She looks like a little 20's dreamboat.

H: NO. no no no no no. I can't dignify this dress with a comment. It's so wrong.
C: Um. I loved it. But okay, okay, not for the Oscars. Maybe a large, million dollar/carat earring would have spruced up the look?

H: I don't know who this chick is but she rocks this dress. GORGE.
C: Milla looks AmAaaaaaZing. The look is perfectly accessorized and her hair and makeup are icing on this tall glass of water.

H: Another win for G! Absolutely breathtakingly stunning. Head. To. Toe.
C: I wish I could call her personally and tell her how inspiring and gorgeous her fashion choices have been lately. She's stealing the show for sure.

And now for some...other trends
(like amazing-ness and ugliness)

H: There will be many who disagree...but I hated this! This is the most flattering picture of this dress I've seen. It seriously looked like she borrowed it from her plus size sister. And her hair? Don't get me started on the synthetic pony tail glued to the back of her scalp. Sorry Sandra!
C: Medusa's tentacles are wrapped around her waist and people are loving it? I'm confused.

H: Angelina. You little sex kitten you. Loved this look. But the leg? Really? I can only imagine how long she practiced that pose in the mirror.
C: I literally saw an article entitled "The break out star of the Oscars--Angelina's right leg." So basically I hate it now. But to be fair, I think she looks pretty and I like that she wore black velvet!

H: Go Tina! Love this look for her.
C: So proud of Tina and her grow-up choice (finally).

H: Hands down the best I've ever seen her. She looks totes amaze-balls! Her hair, jewelry...the dress- dare I say perfection?
C: I agree!! I've never thought of Kristin Wiig as any sort of fashion icon ("I invented the term fashion icon. I was the original fashion icon." Am I the only SNL Penelope fan?) but she really hit it out of the park with this number.

H: Stacey does it again. The cinnamon roll swirl is a little large for my taste but she looks like an Oscar trophy...winning!
C: Her ONLY saving grace in this dress is that she is 7 feet tall. Okay, fine, and that she is on the arm of GC. This was my least favorite of her award's season choices. You can't just throw on a gold trash bag and call it good just because your face is pretty. I'm sure that's a law somewhere.

H: The dress is lovely. Her bangs need a trim so badly I can't.
C: I was surprised by how much I like this. Who knew that the socially awkward and hard-to-watch dork from the Office could clean up so nice? I agree about the bangs though. And did she curl them under with a 1-inch iron?

H: Why don't I own this dress? If only to do my dishes in- Friends style (anyone?). My favorite color of the night. Best dress nominee!
C: Marrrriaaa (picture me singing this in a high pitched falsetto voice). She is so gorgeous and this dress is so perfect. To quote Manny from Modern Family (a lot of pop culture references here today, folks) "She is a dream wrapped in a wish poured into chiffon."

Now it's your turn!
Who was your WORST?
Who was your BEST?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Wardrobe: shopaholic

i am a recovering shopaholic.
the first step is admitting it.

want to find out if you're one too?
just ask yourself the following questions:

1. "Do you find yourself constantly drawn toward stores?"

2. "Does your heart quicken when you see new merchandise in neatly stacked piles?"

3. " Did you answer "no" to these questions and are consequently in denial?

4. "Did you just say "no" again?"

Is it safe to assume that there are others of you that experience the same euphoria as me when hunting for something new?...tell me I'm not alone!
These questions came from the book Confessions of A Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, which, by the way is one of my favorite reads.

Seriously though, what is it about wearing a new piece of clothing that makes us feel so good? There is just something about wearing something new that puts a smile on my face.

Cardigan: J Crew
Shirt: Downeast
Skirt: Old Navy
Belt: Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden

ps: can someone please tell me why all of my iPhone pics load funny on blogger? ugh.

Friday, February 24, 2012

fashion plate

A lot of my favorite celeb fashion recently has been straight off the runway!
A few pretty little ditties to give us inspiration.

Cameron in Valentino. I probably need this to wear to that black and white party I will be attending in the Hamptons this summer (wishful thinking).

LOVE Serena's Maid of Honor dress by Vera Wang. If only Blair could have 1) chosen a pretty wedding dress and 2) married the right guy. But that's besides the point. I'd love to swathe myself in this peaches and cream confection.

How often is it that a celebrity looks better in a dress than the runway model does? Well, Ginnifer really does a fabulous job of working this fuchsia number. Plus, her hair and makeup are superb!

Now, for something a little more within reach for our daily grind:
I love this outfit for summer time. A maxi, tank, wedges and a few gold chains. So simple yet chic!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


For those of you who have been readers of TBM for a while, you know I am an "eyebrow nazi" of sorts.

When I first started working at MAC, one of my trainers told me something that stuck with me: "Eyes are like a picture and your brows are like the picture frame. Without the frame, the picture doesn't stand out as much."

Are you scared? I'm scared. And vindicated.

So here's the scoop.

GROOM your brows by using a brow comb and brushing the hairs upward. Then take cuticle scissors and trim the long stragglers.

WAX by a pro. And I don't mean the little ladies at the nail salon. They are the furthest thing from professionals AND everyone I know has had half their brow waxed off by them.

TWEEZE in between waxes to keep the shape.

FILL IN any bald spots with an appropriate brow pencil. Rule of thumb: If your hair is light, your brows should be a shade darker. If your hair is dark, your brows should be a shade lighter. A great universal pencil is MAC Lingering (I've said it once and I'll say it again!).

A general diagram for shaping brows.

Also, please, PLEASE, no Sharpie brows (anyone else a Seinfeld fan?)

...or (forgive me) sperm brows. You know the shape.

Here's a link to our brow video we did about a year ago.

I am always open for waxing/brow shaping!
email me ourbeautymark@hotmail.com for an appointment.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

street style

New York Fashion Week

I found some pictures (via style.com) of some fashion forward mamas on the streets of NYC. Because not all the trends develop on the runway. True story.
These were some my favorites...

Could you die? The answer is yes. Happy fashion forward Sunday!

Friday, February 17, 2012


The winner of our ELF products is:


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Email us at ourbeautymark@hotmail.com within 24 hours with your address and I will get your prizes sent out this weekend!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grammy Fashion

Ask and ye shall receive.
Grammy's fashion as we see it.
starting in 3...2...1.

C: Hate her hair but love the dress. SO grecian. or something. And a welcome change from her usual sequins head-to-toe.
H: I wish she could have walked around backward the whole night. Back of the dress was stun. The hair is not good. I repeat, no-go.

C: This is really beautiful, but I wish it was in a different color. Also, am I the only one who feels like Carrie wears SO much makeup?
H: LOVED this dress on Carrie. She looks like an ice princess- in a good way. Love her hair, too.

C: Oh, RiRi, we get it. You're sexy and you know it. But I am so over you and your 1990's hair color and style. And how much you love yourself.
H: I can't deal. Was this a homage to Kid Rock? It's so trash-tastic.

C: Love me some Kate Beckinsale. And I'm glad she did a short dress...what does everyone else think they are attending, the Oscars??
H: She is perfection. Perfection in a grecian mini.

C: I like the dress okay, but not on her. And her lavender ombre hair looks like a dip-dye job from he#@.
H: What else can be said? Ditto.

C: Who is this? She is gorg. And pregnant I am assuming. I have a soft spot for trying to dress the bump, but floral chiffon was not the way to go.
H: Lily Aldridge. Aka my hair inspiration. Aka Victoria Secret model. The dress is pretty, but tots agree it's not appropriate for the Grammy Grams.

C: Adele...you're not at a funeral, you're at the Grammys! And you won! It wouldn't kill you or strain your vocal chords to smile.
H: I can't get past her hair color. Or lack thereof. That hair doesn't do anything for her except wash her out. And when you've got pipes like her, you need hair to match.

C: Ooooh, love this! Minty fresh and oh-so-ladylike (from the neck down of course.) Imma pretend the hair isn't happening.
H: I'm on the fence. I've seen some pics {like this one} where I love it but in real life {on TV} it looked cheap. Heaven help me.

C: Fergie! Put some clothes on! Just because you are trying to put pregnancy rumors to rest doesn't mean you have to stoop to such (semi-nude) levels.
H: She looks like an Extreme Cheeto.

C: I can't.
H: Couldn't have said it better myself.

Your thoughts?