Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sag awards

Another award show.
Another chance for us to pick apart some celeb fashion.

too bad most of the fashion moments were disappointing. {sigh}.

H: Booooring. Nothing to write home about. I think I already forgot what she looked like.
C: More redeemable than the Golden Globes ensemble we saw last week, but at this point I am seriously wondering if she got a reallly bad hair cut she doesn't want anyone to know about...?

H: Pretty, but pass.
C: I loved this dress, and was surprised that many of the dresses I loved were on a bunch of unknown actresses!

H: I don't understand this dress. Batman meets 80's bride? Fail.
C: Stop it. Stop it right now. We get it...you want to be Britney Spears circa 2001.

H: Horror story. Wouldn't be bad for a beach cover-up...but excuse me, that's a red carpet you're standing on.
C: Oh, Busy Phillips. A Target maxi for the SAG awards? Really? Where was your BFF Michelle Williams when you really needed her?

H: Pretty color. Otherwise forgetful.
C: I loved her in this. The hair and makeup are icing on the cake. Note to Dianna: you do "pretty" wayyy better than you do edgy.

H: Glad Emma took a chance with the hem-line. It's fun, but not my personal cup o' tea cause of the shoe-sies. I here dub this honorable.
C: HATE. Her bag looks like a corsage, which just finishes off the "I'm going to my high school prom" look perfectly. Even the hair and lip color are bad.

H: Seriously? A trash bag? You're Angelina-freaking-Jolie and you wear a trash bag?
C: This is TERRIBLE. She looks emaciated and what is happening with her hair?

H: I think I had this dress in 1996.
C: Death by print.

H: Oh Zoe. I LOVED this dress. She looks absolutely stunning!
C: I agree she looks beautiful, but what's with the wife beater tank under the dress?

H: This color is so yum. Mmmmm... I would have done her hair differently though.
C: Ditto.

H: The top is so pretty. The hem looks unfinished. Not for me.
C: Rose took a chance and I still can't decide how I feel about it. It would be totally acceptable for a premiere, but for an awards show? Questionable. She does have some bangin' bangs though.

H: Who pairs a halter with a giant choker? My neck hurts just looking at this. UGH.
C: Attack of the killer accessory! I demand to know who let this woman out of the house in a halter dress and choker!

H: SO pretty.
C: LOVE. one of my favorites of the night.

H: Goooorgeous. I want to swim in the fabric. The color is so refreshing.
C: Dreamboat City, USA. Population...what's this girl's name? Anyway, I die over this dress and the color and her skin and the whole kit and caboodle.

H: Love her. Love her dress. Not in love with the shoes.
C: Love it from the waist up. But I don't understand the hemline or the shoes!

H: This was my favorite of the whole entire night. It's interesting, the color is amazing, it was accessorized beautifully. She looks beyond.
C: Totally agree. Fabulosity. She looks like a million bucks!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Head and Shoulders Review and Giveaway

I tend to be a little flaky. And Iím not talking about my timeliness or lack of responsibility. It seems that during the winter, itís not only my skin that gets dry. My scalp gets all kinds of flakes, which is totally awesome since my hair is almost black. Those white flakes donít show at all! (yeah right.)

Despite these issues, I never try dandruff shampoos because I am afraid they will smell like zinc and will strip my beautifully applied hair color (H would not be a happy camper).

When I got the chance to check out new Head & Shoulderís Apple Hair Care I was excited to try something new. Especially when I found out it was safe for color treated hair!! Holla for my pre-conceived notions being wrong!

Does anybody else ever pretend they are in a shampoo commercial when they wash their hair? This is how I felt when using this shampoo. After using it, I was amazed by how flake-free and salon-beautified (looking) my hair was!

I swear I was like the girl on the hair commercial with bouncy hair and (bonus) no embarrassing flakes on my shoulders!

The next thing I noticed was the fresh green apple scent of the products. I basically smelled like fresh apple crisp all day. Every time I would move my hair or adjust my bangs, I caught a whiff of the delicious fragrance. It was really exciting to find a shampoo and conditioner that delivered so muchóat such a great price point!

How easy is it to run to the local grocery store and have confidence in the shampoo you buy there?

PS As usual, my husband just had to try this product. He was totally won over by the fresh apple scent and the moisturizing nature of the shampoo! Looks like we will both be using this to get ready for date night this weekend.

Whatís your beauty secret for getting ready for a date night? Leave me a comment and be entered for a chance to win a $50 gift card!!


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

ch ch changes.

These celebs have been spending some time at the salon.
and the results are in.

How do we feel about:

sporting a asymmetrical bob, blonde retouch, and brow color.

she obviously reads our blog. faux bang city.
LOVING her new 'do. good riddance Russell, Katy's hair has never looked better.

Bright, and I mean BRIGHT red locks.

sporting blonder locks that have been chopped into a blunt chin-length bob.


Thursday, January 26, 2012


Mint chocolate chip is one of my favorite flavors of ice cream. And I have no opposition to wearing that color scheme in my wardrobe.

Luckily, celebs (and designers!) are very accommodating when it comes to trends.

K-Cav. I am OBSESSED with this dress. But seriously? Spit the wad of gum out. Also, WHERE did she get that belt? Love.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Emma Roberts in Razan Alazzouni

Cameron Diaz in an Akris shirt dress

Jordana Brewster in Oscar de la Renta

Chloe collection

Antonio Berardi

I found some real gems to add this punch of mint pastel to our (its-almost-spring) wardrobes!
After baby comes, I'm prolly gonna need this poplin skirt! So adore.
ASOS $57.30

Who doesn't need mint skinnies?
ASOS $57.30

So perfect for spring!
J Crew $60

And for just a POP of mint in your life, try these:
Anthro $58

Obviously we should all be getting this as a gift for the next major holiday.
Urban $399

Love these barely-green ruffled sheets. Husband might not agree.
Anthro $168

Several of my friends have this vase and it's the perfect (and inexpensive!) addition to the home decor!
Anthro $28

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

style me pretty: hair

Always looking for fun new ways to wear the hair. I came across this little gem.
So cute, right? I just wish there were some step-by-step instructions for us to model ourselves after these models. Well, I don't want to wish my life away so I'll just have to do something about it...

Unfortunatley for you, all I had handy was my phone to take pictures...my photographer was unavailable. Rude.

1. Start with a good blow out. Whether it was 3 days prior (like mine) or fresh outta the shower is irrelevant. I just sprayed a little dry shampoo on my roots and blended it in with my fingers.

2. Tease your roots, from front to back. hairspray shouldn't be necessary.

3. You'll need a set of these puppies. $2 dollas at your local grocery store.

3. Get two headbands in place.

5. If your hair is thick, put it in a high pony tail. Placement is key. You don't want to look like a ballerina. Tease said pony tail a little to create texture and twist hair into bun using bobby pins to hold in place. Or if your hair is more fine (like mine) just tease your ends a bit and twist into a top knot. Secure with bobby pins.

And there you have it. A new 'do to beat the mundane second day pony hair.

PS: 5 days til my due date and I think this is going to be the hospital hair do. Unless I have time for a major blow out...love/hate that I care what I look like when I first meet this baby. Oh and there are always pictures.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's the big idea?

I am a devotee.
I like certain things and sticking to them.
Perhaps it's not necessarily loyalty (although I suppose that is part of it), but I think mostly I don't like change. AND I have a hard time spending more money than absolutely necessary on many things. Truth be told, I haven't paid retail prices for makeup in so long that when the time comes that I will have to pay full price the line in the sand will be drawn: what am I willing to splurge on and what can I save on?
My basics are first: skin care. foundation. concealer. gel eyeliner.
The "accessory" makeup (i.e. blush, eye shadow, lip color) is always changing and, therefore, I never feel the need to spend a fortune on it.
This leads me to my point.

NARS Orgasm blush. Is it really all that it is cracked up to be? Do I REALLY need to spend $30 on a blush? Every time that danged blush wins another beauty award or is mentioned in passing by an A-list celeb, I feel out of the loop because I've never tried it. Not a swipe, not a dab. Is it as amazing as everyone says? Is it really so universal? I've gone thus far in my makeup career without it, so do I really NEED to buy it now?

Time to use your power of persuasion, peeps.
Should I give in and purchase the ever elusive Orgasm blush? Or am I not missing out at all?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Golden Globes

Fashion is in the air. And so are awards shows.
First up: Golden Globes

Let me (C) disclaimer this post by saying that pretty much NO ONE dressed for their body type and EVERYONE bored me. I've seen it all before, people. But anyway.

H loves:

Stacy Keibler
The bow on the back of this dress makes me incredibly happy inside. Gorgeous.

Michelle Williams
I LOVED this look on Michelle. Yes, even the headband. (the hair color is...unfortunate) But what I loved most was her Acceptance/Thank you speech. What a cute little mama!
C disagrees with Michelle. Navy velvet is not her friend. And neither is her new strawberry blonde do. Usually at least her makeup impresses, but nope. The ball got completely dropped.

Jessica Alba
She literally was glowing. Loved this dress on her!
C: Seriously she wears this EXACT same dress to everything. But I can't disagree with her gorgeous skin.

Kate Beckinsale
C: again with the neutrals. I'm bored.

C loves:

Heidi Klum
Stop it with that jewelry. It's too amazing for words. And I love how fresh she looks!
H: Yum.

Jenna Dewan
This color is so fab on her and was such a great contrast to all the neutrals everyone else was sporting.
H: This jewel tone was so pretty- espesh with her eyes.

Julie Bowen
So milky. So creamy. I LOVE everything about this look. Plus it's a most welcome change from her usual bandage dresses that show how underweight she is.
H: We'll have to agree to disagree. Love the dress. Hate it on her. Washed out city!

Emma Stone
The eagle belt doesn't bother me...probably because I'm too distracted by the most amazing color combination of her hair and dress.

H: Kill me for hating the eagle belt. I really wanted to like it cause I love everything else about it!


Lea Michelle
C: I hate that I like it. The fact that it's Marchesa gives it the edge it needed to make it to the "like" category.


Nicole Richie
so unimpressed. usually she pulls out the stops but this one was so bland (can silver metallic be bland?) But, she still looks pretty...

(This could take all day...)

Charlize Theron
Her hair and makeup were stunning. I don't want to be rude but, couldn't hate the dress more.
For the record, C loves Charlize. I mean, c'mon. She's flawless.

Natalie Portman
I'm so confused. She got out of the shower and threw her hair back (seriously it still looks wet) and then she went down to her local Windsor and bought this dress off the rack. Am I right or am I right?

Zooey Deschanel
Lime green and black? Let's pretend this never happened. (and what's with the Cleopatra-esque wig?)

Dianna Agron
eye of the tiger.

Reese Witherspoon
I am embarrassed for her. Not one jewel to be found and she obviously rode the entire way to the GG's with the top down in a convertible.

The worst we can all agree on? Sarah Michelle Gellar.
The hair and makeup are so severe and age her approximately 20 years.
The dress is a monstrosity of a painters drop cloth.
AND she blamed this nightmare disaster on her 2 year old daughter who supposedly picked it out. Way to throw your toddler under the bus.

Okay now you've heard our opinions (loud and clear!)...what did YOU think?