Sunday, September 2, 2012


Go nude! Not as in nudity (ew. mind in the gutter!). I'm talking about your lips! A pale lip is a new great alternative to the bright ones we have been sporting all summer.

(I know, right! Why can't it just be straight forward? Believe me, I'm saving you from a world of hurt. And beauty blunders.)
Darker skin can go more brown-toned than lighter skin. 
Lighter skin should try colors that have more pink or peach in them  
Avoid gray-based nudes
Avoid chalky colors (ahem, MAC Myth lipstick...)
Make sure your lips are chap-free before doing this trend. We don't want to look like our skin is falling off.

Some favorites:

MAC Creme de Nude (classic nude)
ELF Natural Nymph (a cheaper version of above)
MAC Hue (pinkier nude)
MAC High Tea (great for darker skin tones)
NARS Turkish Delight (pinkish nude)
MAC C-Thru (JLO's trademark color)
MAC Underage (pinkier)
ELF in Ballet Slippers

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