Thursday, September 13, 2012

curly cue

Can I just take a moment to say how much I love Instagram? It's waaay better than Facebook.
Except now FB owns IG.
Mark Zuckerberg... you little monopolizer.

Anyway, pretty much the only way I document my life these days is through IG (family blog? what family blog?)

All that rain last week prompted me to wear my hair in its natural state over the weekend. And since I only take photos with my phone and post to Instagram...

As I stated on IG, I had a major curly hair hangover the next morning.

I'm trying to embrace it's large-ness and the fact that I never feel quite "ready" when I wear it curly.

Here are the products I use for my curls: (it's taken years to figure this combo out. dear all curly haired girls: you're welcome.)

Moroccan Oil curl cream

Bed Head Curls Rock cream

Towel dry hair just barely so the ends aren't soaking wet. Put in Moroccan Oil cream first, concentrating on roots that could get frizzy. Use the Bead Head all over, scrunching hair as you go. If your hair still feels super wet, scrunch it with a towel to soak up extra moisture. Next (and this is very important) DO NOT touch your hair until it is 75% dry. Then you can use a blowdryer diffuser on a low and warm setting to finish drying. If I have any funky pieces that aren't curling or that are super frizzy I will take a small curling iron and wrap those pieces around it to define the curl more. Voila! Curls for days. Good luck and embrace your inner curly sue!

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Hess Fam said...

I have a friend who has been on a "curly hair experiment". She is a fellow hair dresser. She is taking the philosophy of Diva Curl product which is using NO oils/serums on her hair. (which seems so contrary to what we believe for curly hair.) The ONLY time she detangles is in the shower only with her fingers. This was about a 3 month transformation. (quite the commitment of "embracing your curls") I'm not kidding, her hair went from just pretty curls to an AMAZING mane! Anyway...just thought I'd share the tip because I'm so fascinated with her hair. Sorry for the novel.

Malia said...

Like the commenter above, Deva products are seriously amazing. I've used so so so so many curly haired products and they are my favorite I've ever found.

I still use a wide tooth comb to brush out my hair and my Deva stylist suggested using the conditioner as styling cream. Everyone has their favorite way of using the Deva conditioner (tons of youtube videos from the Deva people) so you can find your own way of what works for you.

It's awesome and I cannot recommend it enough.

Malia said...

Sorry one last comment, the suave waterless foam shampoo is my life saver for curly hair in between all the wash days. It would probably be too heavy for straight hairstyles, but it's perfect for curly.