Monday, July 23, 2012

Maxey Cosmetics review

every now and then we get the opportunity to review products for our readers.  we won't pretend like this is an extremely inconvenient task.   we love to try new products especially when we get to tell our favorite people about them {you!}

A little about Maxey: Maxey Cosmetics was founded in 2007 as a new kind of cosmetics company dedicated to a cosmeceutical approach to health and beauty. We apply a deeply scientific understanding of the physiology supporting natural health, and apply this to the creation of cosmetic products that have real value. It is this emphasis on substance over superficiality that makes us different.

Right now, Maxey Cosmetics has two products out, and we were lucky enough to try both!

1.  MAXEYLASH Maintenance Eyelash Conditioner

What is it? -
 "A soothing option to maintain your new lashes. No matter how you got them, you can keep them hassle-free."

What we love about it-  
H-  It's safe, you don't need a prescription, and I really felt that my lashes were enhanced, healthier, and stronger.  I was born with some pretty thick, long lashes (thanks pop!)  but SWEAR that with each pregnancy they got shorter.  My lashes returned and the conditioner helped maintain them.  {sound hallelujah chorus!}  As a hair stylist, it totally makes sense.  What would your hair be like if you never used conditioner?  Same thing applies to your lashes.  They are hair, right?  Strengthen and protect them.  Everyone could use a little enhancement- am I right?  

C-  I get so nervous to try lash products because, what can I say? I'm vain. I don't want my eye color changing or the skin darkening on my lids. I had lash extensions for about five months and then one day decided they were driving me nuts and ripped them all off (such a rational response, I know. I blame it on this heat.) Needless to say, the lashes I did have left were brittle and short. This product "is a nutrient system that feeds your lashes as you sleep." I couldn't have said it better myself. My lashes looked and felt SO much better after using this product. I didn't necessarily notice a change in length, but in condition. My poor lashes had been through the ringer, and this product gave them new life. The other thing I like about this is that it is formulated to help maintain lash health.. whether your lashes are naturally long (H) or you use Latisse, this product will help you maintain the results, safely.

2.  Lanterna

What is it?-  "deoxyArbutin is a patented cosmetic ingredient clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin pigmentation. With continued use, skin tone appears more even, brightened, and age spots, freckles, and other skin imperfections are less noticeable. deoxyArbutin has been extensively studied for both safety and efficacy and can be used on all skin types."

What we love about it-
H-  Again, one of the major factors I love about Maxey Cosmetics is the fact that the products aren't harsh or irritating and yet they are effective.  Heaven knows this is a product I needed so badly.  Is this a safe zone?  I have to admit...I'm a "picker."  Yes.  I said it.  This translates to skin discoloration.  So thankful to have a product like this!  My skin feels brighter, and more even.  I really like how this product applies, too. It is silky smooth and goes great under my makeup in the morning and under my night cream before bed.  
C- So glad I (for once) had the foresight to take a "before" photo because I really see the difference in my skin after using this product. My pregnancy mask was SO bad this time around. My mom even asked me once if I needed to wax my 'stache...No, mom. That's just my permanent brown strip of skin above my lip. Permanent..or so I thought! 

                BEFORE             AFTER (approximately 6 weeks)

Notice how especially on the left side of my upper lip the dark spots have gotten noticeably lighter! (Please don't judge me for the ugliest photos in the world. Also, these photos are un-retouched and I have ZERO makeup on in them.) One of my friends even told me that my skin looked freckle-free (granted, I did have makeup on at the time, but still! This is huge for me.)

H and I would DEFINITELY recommend both of these products to anyone. They are universal and we think everyone would benefit from their use! Email us if you have any more questions about these products!


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