Thursday, June 21, 2012

one shirt; two ways

ever wear the same clothes back to back?  admit it!  you totally do.
sometimes it just takes too much energy to put another outfit together.
i can't be the only one!

which brings me to one of my favorite purchases.
the jean shirt.

one shirt, two ways.

Jean Chambray Button up- F21
Necklace- JCrew
Skinny Shorts- Gap
Belt- H&M 
Bracelets- JCrew

 Had to add this photo because I am going through a major curl stick phase, and I thought you should know.
Day TWO:
Jean Chambray Button Down- see above
Highwaisted Midi (between a  maxi and mini)- homemade a la Shelly in Mesa
Sandales- Nodstrom
Gold bracelts- JCrew 

I beg someone to dare me to wear it 3 days in a row.  Any excuse.


Jessica said...

Love these looks! And I would love if you would post on those curling sticks. ..I'm curious what the pros and cons are to them, and are they easy to use?! Do you recommend a certain one? Thanks!!

Jamie said...

Okay! Adorable. Looks great. I love that skirt. So comfy. :)
Hey, you guys should do a post about bathing suits. Like, what body type should wear what? I'm having issues if I can wear a one piece with a ruffle on it? I feel like I'm 7 when I wear it. Just saying. :)

Liz said...

As long as it's cute it doesn't matter to wear it twice. :D

Kelly said...

I totally do the same thing! I admit it! And i need that shirt! I must go to f21 today!! I have seen those skirts on instigram! I need one! Please share her info, or I can look her up on istigram! What are the prices on them? you look gorg as always! your hair looks lighter.

Hillary from The Beauty Mark said...

I will tooootally do a post on curlsticks- good thinking'!
AND swim suits. I love a ruffle for sure. But depends on the suit- ya know? You don't want ruffle where you don't want more volume etc etc I could go on for days. Another post idea. Thanks!

Kelly- I will text you her info! And good eye- i did go a a little lighter.