Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MTV movie awards

The fashion at the MTV movie awards can be summed up using the following words: 
short dresses and bad hair.

Charlize in my favorite look of the night. Does she ever look bad? 
(also, has anyone seen Snow White and the Huntsman?)

Emma Stone looking totally glam-ified. Loving her fashion choices lately.

On the fence about Leighton. Love her makeup, iffy on the outfit, devastated about the hair.

 Uh oh. What happened here? Poor girl got caught in some barbed wire!

 Dear Emma, you should never, ever not have a pixie cut. Usually I refrain from using double negatives in my writing but this calls for it. There is no positive about this look.

 Just because she's marrying JT doesn't mean she has to sport a virginal white bridal look until the wedding. On the plus side, great shoes!

 Two words: Kangaroo Pouch.

Is she wearing sheer hosiery? Did she get caught in a wind tunnel? I am so over K-Stew. 

Nikki Reed-love the dress but hate the chunk of hair in the front. Also, she looks mildly constipated.


Tiffany said...

Completely agree about Kristen Stewart. She is so awkward.

healthywithsam said...

Kristen Stewart ruined the movie snow white for me.