Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach bag essentials

I'm headed to the beach, folks. And don't be surprised if I never return. (I wish).

I've been loading up on my beach essentials and here's what I've come up with:

Wide Brimmed Hat (both to channel J Lo and to block the harmful rays)
Turban scarf (obviously)

Anchor Towel (because I can't get away from nautical. See next item.) 

matching euro bathing suits for my boys. obsessed. (this one is from zara.com)

My favorite new sunscreen. Super light, layers great under makeup and it made with physical sunscreens that completely block the sun's rays (hint: look for products with zinc and titanium dioxide instead of the chemicals that are in most sunscreens. check the label for ingredients)


And don't forget this stick for the little ones!! One of the most natural and effective on the market.

 Loving these glossy chapsticks. They deposit the perfect amount of color and have SPF! Win/win.

And some curly hair product, because California doesn't condone me wearing my hair straight. 


Rob and Alexa said...

Love the hat! I've been looking for one. Here I come forever 21!

Tim Mcgraw said...

Love the blog thanks

Falling Into You

famofboys said...

Great list! Curly hair here we come!

Hess Fam said...

Thanks for the tip on the BABY LIPS. It was a fun find for sure!