Monday, May 14, 2012

Brow Wow!

True or False: I have properly installed in you the importance for eyebrow maintenance?

It has come to my attention that many of you are still not giving your brows (and yourself!) the TLC they deserve.

With that in mind, I am feeling generous.

I have devised a giveaway/contest of sorts. I call it: 
"Who needs C's services the most?" 
(I should work on a catchier name.)

Leave a comment regaling us with why you need your brows reinvented or what your worst brow horror story is. 
We love a good anecdote.

The winner (judged by H&C) will get a 
free brow consultation, wax, and MAC brow pencil compliments of C, brow guru to all the prettiest girls in AZ (including YOU!!)

Yay for fun giveaways that give you the chance to tell us why you deserve some pampering!
Ready. Set. GO.
Contest ends Thursday, May 17th at midnight. 


Stephanie Bodine said...

Hi ladies! I would LOVE to have a eyebrow make-over/consultation. I've NEVER had any professional brow waxing, consulting or anything of the sort. I hate the constant problem I have of over or underplucking and getting the shape just right! Anyway, I would love to win! and BTW if this helps...I love your blog and you two beauties are the best!:)

Lance and Jeneale said...

Ahh! This would be amazing! I have always struggled with the shape of my brows because of the way they grow and how low they are on my face. Im always raising my brows (like I'm surprised about something) in pictures, to get a somewhat decent arch! I am never sure whether to go thinner or how much to trim them? I would absolutely loooove some help with my brows!

Erin said...

Oh, how I would love this opportunity to have them done right. I have only gone to a salon once to have them "done". That would be the first horror story, because they were uneven in the end... BUT alas the one story that takes the cake is how I decided to do my own "at home wax kit" the day BEFORE my wedding... I had some how managed to practically take one almost off, and the other was half missing. Lets just say thanks to my amazing (soon to be at the time) sister-in-law and her makeup capabilities, I managed to look normal on my wedding day.

I work 40 hrs a week, on top of taking care of my family. I never really take the time to pluck, shape, etc them. I hate to say it, but I do the worst thing you can do... lets just say my razor is my best friend!

I love your blog and all of the amazing advice you offer.

Emily T said...

I would love my brows done. I don't have a certain brow disaster, but every time I look at a picture I cringe at my eyebrows..yikes! I've only had them waxed once so they've never been professionally shaped. I would love for mine to look anywhere near as good as yours do! yours are perfection! I love all the fashion/hair/make up tips you two give! My favorite blog:)

Cara said...

Angry Eye Brows

I don't want to have to end up drawing in "Angry Eyebrows" like my title suggest.
A favorite family story involves my sister and her A hour class in high school. During this class my sister witnessed a spicy Latina draw on her eyebrows with a sharpie marker day after day. One morning a boy in the class was making fun of this Latina for always applying her makeup in the classroom.
Since I understand how annoying a 17 year old boy can be this Latina lover turned around in her chair (without her sharpie brows drawn on) and in a very serious voice said ... "Don't make my draw on my angry eyebrows". And in fact, she did draw on those angry eyebrows.
With a black sharpie marker.

And that ladies is why I need your services.
I don't want to have to resort to drawing on "angry eyebrows" ever in my life.

Melissa said...

My worst brow story was plucking mine waaaayyy to thin! You know how awful that is right?! YIKES!

Samantha said...

The only time my eyebrows ever got waxed was back in Jr. High! My sister was always telling me how bad my unibrow looked and was always trying to tweeze them for me. One day she finally convinced me to let her wax my eyebrows. YIKES!!! I was left with the thinnest brows ever! And the skin underneath was burned so for the next couple weeks I had scabs underneath my brows.

I'm sure it would be different with you! :) And if my eyebrows could look half as good as yours Courtney, I'd be super excited!

Amber said...

Hi ladies, I desperately need your service. I have been over waxed and plucked and have been trying to grow my brows back out for several months. I am scared to death of the eyebrow pencil. I am afraid of looking like the old ladies at church, you know who I am talking about, but I know if I learned how to use one, it would do wonders for me. Your skills and instruction would be greatly appreciated!

Ryan and Chelsea said...

I have been waxing my eyebrows myself for years. Needless to say, I am no expert, but I do the best i know how. After watching your video on doing brows I have done my best to shape them but it would be SO AWESOME if I could have a personal consultation with you!! EEEEEK! I bought my first brow pencil from walmart and have been trying to use it, but again-- don't really know how!!

I come from a family with dark bushy eyebrows and I have to pluck DAILY to keep them under control!! Please pick me!!!

Chris & Tara said...

I need your help! I've never had my brows done professionally.. shame on me.. and would love the chance to have you work your magic!! I've noticed my eyebrows more and more in pictures lately.. they stick out like a sore thumb.. not sure what I'm doing wrong!

I'd love your help!!

PS I met you courtney at kristen's party last weekend.. hopefully my eyebrows weren't the first thing you noticed ;)

bailey michael said...

oh this would be so great for the kind that gets my eyes waxed by the asian pedi girls...eww, i know. and the last thing i did was the threading(it felt pretty cool though). anyways, its been an extremely long time. between the time i take training for my triathlon and raising my three fashion/beauty is lacking...actually, lets be honest, its non-existent!

Kristen Pear said...

I LOVE TBM, and I would LOVE to win! I've never had my brows shaped professionally, just by a nail salon and recently by my mother in law. Bless her heart she tried her best but took off a little too much on one brow and I've been trying to grow them back in! She gave me a wax kit so I could do them myself and she wouldn't be to blame for the uneven-ness, but I'm terrified to use it because I just know with one swift motion my whole brow would be gone! I also have a four month old baby girl, so getting around to making time for my brows is sadly not my top priority! I hate to neglect them (and I'm sure my husband hates it too) so send me some brow lovin'!! :)

***LIZ*** said...

I think you gals are beautiful and would love if you would work your magic on me. My eyebrows resemble the red angry bird...

Rachel said...

Im pretty sure the last time i got my brows waxed was right before i got pregnant (my baby is 9 months old!)i was so desperate that i let a lady at a nail salon do it.(i know i know, thats a BIG NO NO!) needless to say i needed to let them grow for a while. i tweezed a little while i was pregnant but i have not touched them since i have had my baby! gag! for a long time i had heavy straight bangs that covered them so i thought it was ok because they were hidden. now that its summer i am pinning my bangs back a lot and letting my hairy catapillers show! i need HELP ASAP!!

Rachel said...

oh where to begin... the unibrow that haunts me in pictures of middle school? the "scissors incident" when i actually CUT my eyebrows with fiskars kids scissors because i was so embarrassed by them but too embarrassed to ask my mom for help? (it didn't end well ps) my waxes performed by random asian women in sketchy back rooms of nail salons? sometimes i pluck too much, sometimes not enough ... i need help and will be in az next month!