Monday, May 7, 2012

Studio Fix {what's broken}

I have wanted to do this post for a long time. But my job at MAC made for a conflict of interest. Now that I work for myself again I want to give you, my dear readers, some much overdue information and advice.

How many of you have heard of, have used or currently use 
MAC Studio Fix powder plus foundation?

Don't bother denying it. I know the power this product has over people.
Please, please. For the love of all things beautiful, walk away from the Studio Fix.

Here's a little background info on Studio Fix.
MAC started in 1985 and Studio Fix was one of their first products. People immediately fell in love with its heavy coverage and matte finish. However, as times changed and products were updated with better technology, MAC decided to keep the formula for SF the same because of its intense cult following (don't fix what's not broken, right? wrong.) SF powder is terrible for 90% of people. It clogs pores and aggravates skin issues (acne, etc.). It's formula hasn't been updated in over 25 years, peeps.

You may be asking yourself, why do people use this wretched product?
Because once you start, it's hard to stop. It's like a drug. Your skin breaks out so you need more coverage. You put on more powder. Your skin gets worse.  Soon you are touching up 5 times a day. Your face makeup is one-inch thick. You have to chisel it off at night. When you do, you see that your skin has gotten even worse. In the morning, you put even more powder on to cover it. The cycle perpetuates. Are we getting the picture?

Now, there are, of course, exceptions to every rule. If you have perfect skin and if your skin doesn't react easily to products, then please, by all means, keep using SF. I'm not being sarcastic. In fact, I myself used (past tense) SF for years. BUT I have seen the consequences of said actions. You have been warned.

Have I sufficiently scared you straight?
For advice on what face makeup to switch to, email us or leave a comment. I hate to leave you hanging after this horror story.

As a side note, whenever I indulge people with this information they tell me, "But I just bought a brand new one!" If you have your box (if you bought it at Nordstrom or Dillards) or your receipt (if it's from the MAC store), they will gladly exchange your (lightly used) product for you.


alvinandjessicapease said...

Ive been using it for a few years now. My skin is not that great. What should i be using! I need to know because i am one of those that just bought a new one! Maybe i can exchange it for the right product!

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

I really love mac's mineral powder. Are you currently wearing a foundation under the studio fix? What skin type do you have?

Britney Gulbrandsen said...

I used SF in high school for about a month. I HATED it! Yes, it had great coverage. But I felt like I was wearing oily frosting on my face it was so thick and gross. Ugh!

Harper Family said...

I wear Mac's studio fix fluid foundation and have for the past few years. I love the coverage because my complexion isn't that great. I wouldn't mind trying something else with the same coverage that might actually improve my skin or maybe just not make it any there such a thing?? My skin type is on the oily side.

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

Harper family- studio fix fluid is a fantastic foundation. It is a newer formula, introduced only a few years ago. I would stick with it if it works for you. It is only the studio fix powder you need to worry about. :)

Amanda Stephan said...

I've always thought about trying this product because like you said..everyone is addicted and uses it all the time. I've been using bare minerals for a few years now and I've been toying with trying something by Mac. I would say that I am oily in the t-zone and break out around my chin. I turn 30 this year and wish I would stop breaking out but I guess that won't be happening! haha. They are usually small break outs, nothing too big and crazy....usually...haha. I like bare minerals but I've used it for so long and sometimes want a little more coverage...should I branch out and try something new or stick with what I've used for so long??

Kelly said...

I use SF and have for years! I branched out last year and tried the Mineral Powder form MAC and had a HORRIBLE reaction.. I found out I am allergic to minerals ( i have never been able to wear fake jewelry, earrings ect..) so i got back on the SF powder. Is there another powder you would suggest from MAC, since that is all I use!! ps. I love there Paint pots. I just got "Indian wood" and I L-O-V-E it! I miss it with Hot Paprika (pro Longwear shadow)

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

My only issue with Bare MInerals is that since all it is is a loose powder, the particles tend to not blend very well into skin. Naturally our skin has both oily and dry patches. Powder like BM can sometimes clump in those oily spots and crust in the dry spots. If you love the powder but just want a little more coverage I would maybe try putting a tinted moisturizer or light foundation underneath the powder to provide both a base for the powder and some more coverage.
As for your breakouts in the chin area, usually those are due to hormones. Email me and we can chat about skin care.

Katie said...

I feel so called out about this! I've been a Studio Fix ADDICT for like 12 years...I've tried other things, but always keep going back to it--it's like an abusive relationship! ;) I'm a sucker for a 1-step full coverage powder foundation, what can I say??
Anyway, after reading this entry yesterday, I returned my brand new box of SF, and today went to Sephora and purchased the Makeup Forever DuoMatte powder foundation...the girl at Sephora said it was comparable to SF, but not bad for your skin like SF Beauty Mark, weigh in!

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

Katie! I am so proud of you for kicking the "abusive" Studio Fix to the curb. I haven't used the DuoMatte powder but it sounds awesome. AND I am willing to bet that it is MUCH better for your pretty face. Let us know how you like it!! xo

alvinandjessicapease said...

I have normal skin. Sometimes i feel like its dry & then i apply moisturizer like crazy but then it feels greasy. I dont use any foundation under the SF because i felt like that made me break out even more! I dont get really big zits i just get lots of tiny ones. i really would love to have flawless skin like you ladies! Also i have blackheads soo bad. What do you do for that. I buy the biore stirps but they havent really worked.

Alexa Mae said...

It was a good day when you helped me end my life long love affair with studio fix. I do love the studio fix fluid much better.