Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nighttime Products

I am a creature of habit. There are so many products I want to try and millions of dog-earred magazine pages to prove it. But I just don't have it in me to ditch my old faithfuls. 

Here are my trusty nighttime products.

Clockwise from left:
MAC makeup wipes- when I have lash extensions (like now), it is much easier to use a makeup wipe than use cleanser. These are my very favorite. They have a sugar-based makeup remover in them that dissolves makeup and leaves skin clean and soft.
Claw clips (don't hate)- I can't get away from them. When I wake up in the night to feed my baby, I always use one to pull up my hair. It doesn't tug or pull and it never leaves a crease (very important.)
Cetaphil Cream- I get claustrophobic if my skin is dry. I have been putting this cream on my hands and feet as long as I can remember. No other brand's is as thick or moisturizing. (For the best deal, pick up the large tub at Costco)
Image Ormedic organic facial cleanser- my very favorite cleanser. It foams but doesn't strip and has no artificial ingredients in it because it is organic. I recommend it for almost every skin type.
Olay Regenerist night cream- thick and luscious, this cream does it all. And smells divine.
Blistex chapstick- an oldie but goodie. If I don't wear chapstick to bed it makes me have anxiety (no wonder it takes me forever to get ready for bed. I have major OCD).
CND cuticle oil- love this stuff. the smell is great and it really helps my cuticles not be so trashed.
Image Total Skin Bleaching Cream- my nightly serum that is helping my pregnancy mask disappear! yay for no more dark spots. Now, just to stay out of the sun this summer so I don't take one step forward and two steps back...

What nighttime products can you not live without??

Also, we never heard from our brow winner! So, our new winner is: Chelsea, who said:
Blogger Ryan and Chelsea said...
I have been waxing my eyebrows myself for years. Needless to say, I am no expert, but I do the best i know how. After watching your video on doing brows I have done my best to shape them but it would be SO AWESOME if I could have a personal consultation with you!! EEEEEK! I bought my first brow pencil from walmart and have been trying to use it, but again-- don't really know how!!

I come from a family with dark bushy eyebrows and I have to pluck DAILY to keep them under control!! Please pick me!!!

You have 48 hours to claim your prize!


Clint, Marianne, Sage and Charlotte said...

WHERE did you find the image total skin bleaching cream? I have major pregnancy spots too and haven't been able to get rid of them. I'm going to try that!

Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...

Marianne, I use Image for my aesthetics stuff and so I get it wholesale! Let me know if you want to order some :)

Ryan and Chelsea said...

Ack!! I won the brow shaping??.?.? I am claiming my prize!! Call me 480 945 3277 or email me