Thursday, May 31, 2012

If I was a celebrity makeup artist...

If I was a celebrity makeup artist, my first few orders of business would consist of the following:

 Beg Leighton Meester to put on a little eyeliner. Especially as her alter ego Blaire Waldorf.

 Explain to Kris Jenner (nee' Kardashian) that a black-as-night smokey eye is not for a woman of her age. She could take about 15 years off if she would simply embrace earth tones.

Raise your hand if you wish Miranda Kerr would put on a little blush. She already has a baby face, so with just the red lip she looks like a ten year old playing dress up in her mama's Mary Kay lipstick.

I don't see what is so hard about taking a makeup wipe and using it to clean up under BSpears' eyes. She looks like she is in a constant state of "I slept in this makeup." Follow it up with a little concealer and she could hide a multitude of skin sins.

Whose makeup drives you cray-cray??

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