Thursday, May 3, 2012

i can hear the (gossip girl) belles

Confession: I have missed the last couple seasons of Gossip Girl.  (if your husband tells you he wants to go to law school, just say no)
But I did find the hairstylists that did the hair for the show and gave us the step-by-steps on how to achieve their look. you're welcome.

by the way, BLAIR got married?!?!  If it's not to Chuck, I don't even want to try watching the missed episodes.  Don't tell me.  Chuck + Blair or bust.

Blair Waldorf

“I looked at a lot of fairy tale characters and images from Lord of the Rings to create this modern bridal look for Leighton Meister's character Blair Waldorf,” states Lizzie Reilly, Leighton's personal hairstylist on Gossip Girl. On Leighton’s damp hair, Lizzie first sprayed root lifter and keratin heat protectant spray to give lift and volume at the roots to her fine hair, then blow-dried her hair using the H2PRO 2500 Ultra Light Dryer. Next, she clipped in hair extensions and used ½-inch and 1½-inch curling irons to curl the hair. “I took random sections and curled the hair in all different directions from the roots to the ends, avoiding a patterned look," she says. "I then took the H2PRO BLACK ONYX styling iron and flattened the ends of the hair (the last 1½ inches), so the curls were not tightly formed, but instead looked a little more natural and piece-y. Then, I used the 2500 dryer without using the diffuser and pulled the roots to give extra lift and volume.” Lizzie lightly sprayed Leighton’shair before placing the bridal veil over." behindthechair

 Serena Van Der Woodsen

First she washed her hair and then blow-dried it using a large round brush, volumizing spray, and the H2PRO 2500 Nano Hi Tech Ultra Light Dryer. After it was completely dry, she backcombed from the roots to midway down the hair with a Mason Pearson brush, creating volume and height. Next, she smoothed the hair and twisted it at the nape, securing the twist with bobby pins and leaving the ponytail hanging in back. “It’s kind of a French twist gone loose,” says Jennifer. “Usually with a French twist, you put their hair up, but for this twist, we let the hair down.” She finished the hair by flat ironing a few select strands of the ponytail using the H2PRO BLACK ONYX styling iron. “It’s a very modern 1960s-inspired look,” she adds. For the finishing touch, Jennifer placed a feathered headband into the hair for a chic, wedding-appropriate look." behindthechair

Has anyone tried these styling tools?  I feel like I need them.
you know you love me xoxo,

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