Thursday, May 17, 2012

calling all blondes

Summer is among us.  Time to amp up your blonde.
Two summery shades of blonde now trending.

Description: The Vanilla Vixen
Tell your stylist you want: Cool toned blonde.  And break your base.  

Description: The Caramel Delight
Tell your stylist:  Warm toned blonde please!  Dimension and shine please and thank you.  

Does your hair follow seasonal trends?  Do you go lighter in the summer, darker in the winter months?  Or have you nixed this tradition?  Tell us!


Erica Ann said...

I keep mine dark all year long. I have gone lighter in the summer before and looking through pictures I have come to realize I just look better with it dark brown. So dark it is! Is that bad?

Ashley MulberryTree said...

I'm a natural auburn and am terrified of dying it. I'm afraid if I start dying it, i'll never ragain my natural color. Maybe one of these days i'll get crazy and go for a carmel blonde.

Jamie said...

I love the cooler blonde in the winter. I always add low lights around October and then leave them out in the summer... my hair gets so light and the sun makes it so blonde that it's not worth me getting the low lights. I'm super blonde in the summer and I LOVE it! Just wish it didn't come with a price. DRYNESS! :(

Hillary from The Beauty Mark said...

Erica- No that's not bad at all!! In no way am I saying that everyone should go blonde for the summer!!! I hope it didn't come off that way. I DO think it's a good idea to "lighten up" during the summer months just as your hair naturally did when you were a kid. But there is nothing wrong with staying dark- by all means, I LOVE a brunette!
Ashley- I only wish I knew what it was like to have virgin hair. I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Unless you have cash to burn :)
Jamie- I love your hair! Every blonde needs a good deep conditioner/ treatment during these AZ summer months.

Pepper Lovin! said...

i am all over the place! You know that. i will try anything at anytime. I do like to lighten up in the summer to make my tan look darker though :)

Hillary from The Beauty Mark said...

Pepper Lovin- Must be nice. Nebraska has made me a whole new level of pasty. Are you teaching swim lessons?

Pepper Lovin! said...

yes i am teaching. just one session until I leave for Utah. how is the new little one

Hillary from The Beauty Mark said...

Sign us up!!