Monday, May 21, 2012

Brow Winner

The lucky winner of our brow giveaway is: 

Who said:

Blogger Lance and Jeneale said...
Ahh! This would be amazing! I have always struggled with the shape of my brows because of the way they grow and how low they are on my face. Im always raising my brows (like I'm surprised about something) in pictures, to get a somewhat decent arch! I am never sure whether to go thinner or how much to trim them? I would absolutely loooove some help with my brows!

Yay Jeneale! I'm so excited to hook a sister up with some brow love. Email me at to schedule an appointment.

And, since I love to give, anyone who entered the giveaway is eligible for an $8 brow wax from me! Email us to claim your discount!


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