Monday, May 28, 2012

beauty night

A night for girls.   Who's ready for summer?  Come get ready with us!!  We are hosting a Beauty Night and your attendance is mandatory.  That's right.  A whole night devoted to getting ready for summer. 

We are offering (just cause we like you)

Hair:(H)  Deep conditioning treatment OR layer refresher (trim)
Waxing:(C) Brows 
Spray Tans by our friend Mallory (she's the best, no orange in sight!)
all 3 for $45.  

and all in one night.

Are you even kidding me right now?  You need to be there. You deserve a little girls night.  Grab some friends and come say hi! We love meeting our readers!

Mark your calendars - THIS Thursday from 7-9 pm


Jamie said...

Freak! I'll be out of town for this but I so needed this conditioning and the waxing like yesterday! Boo! Hopefully you will do this again cause I'm so there. :( Have so much fun.

Brenn said...

Laaammmmmeeee--I have to work! Looks like way too much fun though!