Thursday, April 5, 2012

split ends

Your hair questions answered here.
One question i find myself answering again and again is
"when should I schedule my next hair cut?"

I wish I could give a universal answer to this question.
Most the time you'll hear "every 6-8 weeks."
But things aren't always so black and white.

Super Short Hair: If you're sporting a pixie you've got to maintain it. And that means 3-6 week haircuts, depending on the texture and how long that said pixie is. Let's put it this way, if your hair is 1/2 inch , it will double in length after 4 weeks. Good byyyyye style.

Medium length: To maintain this style you'll want to trim up every 4-6 weeks. When your hair starts to flip and hit your collar bone/back of your neck it's time to visit your stylist. Bangs, on the other hand should be trimmed approx every 3 weeks.
Medium to Long Hair: Get a cut when your layers start to feel "heavy". Yes, it is my personal belief that ALL hair should have some layers. (at least some barely there, long long layers) There is nothing worse than the blunt straight perimeter cut. Looks like mom did it in front of the bathroom mirror. You can go as long as 8-12 weeks without maintaining this do.

Long: When you have long, and especially super long hair, it is often more susceptible to being dry and brittle because, well, it's been on your head longer and has been exposed to more sun, wind, blow drying, curling, etc etc... That being said, stay away from "polygamist hair" as I like to call it and maintain those long locks! I recommend 6-9 weeks.

There you have it. Time to schedule a cut!
I will be working in AZ come MAY. Plan accordingly.

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