Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As each new season approaches, we are left with a very serious question on our minds: What trends can be carried into the next season?

With that in mind, I present: Dead Trends.

Just for the record, I hated it from the get-go.

We still love you, Aria!

Perfect makeup (this includes the ever-popular smokey eye!)
Instead, use a lip stain and smudge your liner with your finger to make it more beachy and "lived-in." (But go ahead and keep the winged liner. You know I'm going to.)

The "I just rolled out of bed" look. Was this ever in style? It seems the celebs think it makes them more approachable to be so grungy. If you want simplicity, go with the perpetually classic white v-neck and dark skinnies.

Other things we're losing this season:
Overly-lined lips (are you listening, KK??)
Super distressed jeans
Fabric statement necklaces

What trends do you wish would go away??

1 comment:

Jake and Kalli said...

The belly shirt in the front, long shirt in the back! I hate when I see a cute shirt on the hanger and pull it out and it's a belly shirt! And thank goodness the feathers will be going away!!