Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry for Jennifer Lawrence

I've been MIA.
I have a good excuse (a beautiful 6 pound baby boy named Grey!)
...but my husband was still mad that we couldn't make it to the opening day of The Hunger Games movie. Alas, checking out Jennifer Lawrence's fashion choices while promoting her epic movie will have to hold me over until I can get out of my house again.

Ralph Lauren

Prabal Gurung--should we forgive her for wearing two practically identical dresses to back-to-back premieres?

Prabal Gurung--loving her smokey eyes. But the bangs are weird!

Tom Ford--flawless.

Calvin Klein--love the color. But again, what's with the bangs?

Marchesa (with Elizabeth Banks in Elie Saab). Are we SO sad that Peeta is 3 feet shorter than Katniss?

Who saw the movie?
Will I still be team Peeta after I see it?
(Don't get H and I started on the Gale vs. Peeta debate.)


Tiffany said...

I saw the movie and it did NOT disappoint! :) However, I was Team Peeta in the books, and in the movie I was Team Gale! Liam Hemsworth is just WAY hotter than Josh Hutcherson!

Noelle said...

Okay, yes, we are definitely sad that Peeta is 3 feet shorter than Katniss. But you will still be team Peeta after the movie. Gale has close to zero screen time (unfortunately.) And despite Gale's obvious better looks, you will still love Peeta.

Nicole... given said...

i thought i would suffer from the gale v peeta problem but once i remembered real life gale was dating miley cyrus i was solid team peeta.

Emily Porter said...

eh, not sad that he's shorter in that picture. they are actually close to the same height if she wasnt in heels. he wasn't described in the book as a "tall" guy. my husband is only a few inches taller than me and that doesnt stop me from wearing a little heel...and hopefully people aren't sad when they see us :)