Saturday, March 17, 2012

hair trend

we have it on bangles stacked to our elbows. it is your new Michael Kors watch.

what is it?

Rose Gold

and now it's made it's way into my hair color stash.
So tell me this, should I buy it in bulk? Help me out here!

Here it is as an accent highlight on dark hair.
a subtle rose gold tone on blonde hair:
golden/coppery hue with a tide of red. tots adrobs.

Accent highlight on dark brown hair.
rose gold lowlights on a blonde

Rose gold highlight on a brunette.
ombre accent slice on a blonde.
So tell me, is this a trend that you would try?


Jessica said...

I want this in my hair. like now

Pepper Lovin! said...

Love love love the 3rd pic down. kind of looks like what you were scared to do to my hair :). HATE the second. It looks orange. kind of like a bad color job. so I am kind of mixed. but when are you coming back to do my hair? Just got it done by someone else kind of like but NOT you.

Hillary from The Beauty Mark said...

haha you're so right. Who did your locks?