Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Tip Friday: Floral Jeans

April showers bring May flowers!!...or something.

Let's talk about floral prints: They're not just for yo' gramma's bed spread anymore.

Although florals are in for all aspects of our wardrobe this season, today we're talking jeans. As in, floral jeans.

Have you guys seen this everywhere? Cause I have. And I can't not mention it.

Floral bottoms are a fun way to introduce another hit trend this season: mixing prints!

Verdict: Once I lose the baby weight (maybe I should focus on actually having the baby first), I will be sporting this trend. BUT don't expect me to show up in the designer version. I'm all about the cheap when it comes to fleeting trends such as this one.
Also, I like how these are super understated. Not everyone can pull off what Jessica Alba's got goin' on in the picture up there...

F21 $27

What do you think? Will you be floralizing yourself?

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