Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Skin and Lashes

One of my favorite fellow aestheticians, who currently lives in New York City (fabulous, right?!) is coming back to her old stomping ground for a few weeks and is going to be beautifying us AZ girls! She does lash extensions and facials and is one of the most amazing aestheticians I have ever worked with. In fact, I'm getting my lashes done by her when she is down here! So excited. It's tough to find a good lash extension tech and she's one of the best. To book an appointment or for questions about pricing, email or call Jenna! You'll want to hurry and snag this chance...she's only in town for a couple weeks!


Kyle said...

Where does she work in NYC?? I just moved here from Denver and need a lash stylist!! I was a hairstylist in Denver and now that Im in NYC I don't have any of my fabulous connections ; (


Courtney from The Beauty Mark said...


Jenna works out of her home at the moment. She says just to call or email her for an appointment!