Monday, February 6, 2012

the look of spring

Recently, one of my bridal clients brought me this picture as an inspiration for her wedding makeup. I was floored! This is the exact essence everyone needs to have for their spring makeup look. Plus, it's our girl Rachel B. so basically we can't go wrong.
Do we love or do we love?

This makeup is all about the glow. Start with an aluminizing moisturizer (I like MAC Strobe Cream) and use a lightweight foundation on top. If all you have is a full coverage foundation, mix your foundation with the moisturizer so that it sheers it out.

Skip the powder (unless you're extremely oily).

Now for the bronzer and blush. (the piece de resistance of this look!) Use your bronzer with a fluffy brush (preferably a MAC 187 or something similar) under your cheekbones, up to your temples, down your nose and along your jawline (blend in circles and don't use too much product). Try to think of where your skin would naturally get kissed by the sun. Switch to an angled blush brush (or just a regular one if that's whatcha got on hand) and concentrate a pinky-peach blush (NARS Orgasm, MAC Dainty or Peachykeen) on the apples of the cheeks and blend upward. (don't go below the cheekbone. nobody wants to see captain blush-face)

Now, add a bit of liquid highlighter (I like MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel or ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in Pink Lemonade) on top of the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose. Mix a little highlighter with your concealer and dot that in the corners of your eyes.

Now for the eyes. Put a light shimmery (not sparkly) eyeshadow under the brow and near the corners of the eyes (MAC Dazzlelight or anything similar. NOT WHITE.) Line your eyes with a shimmery brown eye kohl (aka something smudge-able, I like MAC Teddy) and smudge with your finger (it doesn't need to be perfect). If you're feeling fancy you can smudge it out with a brush that has a little bit of bronzey eyeshadow on it. We're gonna skip any eyeshadow on the lid because you just don't need it! Add several coats of black mascara, finish off with a pinky-peach gloss (any of your favorites will work. MAC Love Nectar would be gorg too.) and VOILA! Pretty as a picture and oh-so-ready for spring.

Oh! and don't forget to touch up those brows. We wouldn't want Rachel to be disappointed in our attempt at copying her.


Nicole... given said...

That was me! I am awesome :)

Because My Sister Told Me Too.... said...

Can you give some hints at how to copy this without using MAC ($$$$) products. Instead using drugstore ($$) products? Thanks!