Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grammy Fashion

Ask and ye shall receive.
Grammy's fashion as we see it.
starting in 3...2...1.

C: Hate her hair but love the dress. SO grecian. or something. And a welcome change from her usual sequins head-to-toe.
H: I wish she could have walked around backward the whole night. Back of the dress was stun. The hair is not good. I repeat, no-go.

C: This is really beautiful, but I wish it was in a different color. Also, am I the only one who feels like Carrie wears SO much makeup?
H: LOVED this dress on Carrie. She looks like an ice princess- in a good way. Love her hair, too.

C: Oh, RiRi, we get it. You're sexy and you know it. But I am so over you and your 1990's hair color and style. And how much you love yourself.
H: I can't deal. Was this a homage to Kid Rock? It's so trash-tastic.

C: Love me some Kate Beckinsale. And I'm glad she did a short dress...what does everyone else think they are attending, the Oscars??
H: She is perfection. Perfection in a grecian mini.

C: I like the dress okay, but not on her. And her lavender ombre hair looks like a dip-dye job from he#@.
H: What else can be said? Ditto.

C: Who is this? She is gorg. And pregnant I am assuming. I have a soft spot for trying to dress the bump, but floral chiffon was not the way to go.
H: Lily Aldridge. Aka my hair inspiration. Aka Victoria Secret model. The dress is pretty, but tots agree it's not appropriate for the Grammy Grams.

C:'re not at a funeral, you're at the Grammys! And you won! It wouldn't kill you or strain your vocal chords to smile.
H: I can't get past her hair color. Or lack thereof. That hair doesn't do anything for her except wash her out. And when you've got pipes like her, you need hair to match.

C: Ooooh, love this! Minty fresh and oh-so-ladylike (from the neck down of course.) Imma pretend the hair isn't happening.
H: I'm on the fence. I've seen some pics {like this one} where I love it but in real life {on TV} it looked cheap. Heaven help me.

C: Fergie! Put some clothes on! Just because you are trying to put pregnancy rumors to rest doesn't mean you have to stoop to such (semi-nude) levels.
H: She looks like an Extreme Cheeto.

C: I can't.
H: Couldn't have said it better myself.

Your thoughts?


Rachel said...

Dying over the extreme cheeto comment. spot on. and my response to the last picture before i even read what you said was "who in the hell?" (excuse my language but i couldnt hold back with a picture like that)

The Bensons said...

I loved taylor swifts dress the hair up was a good idea because it was a neck dress but it could have been styled a different it me or did she get skinnier.

Carrie underwood wears waaay too much makeup and for some reason she always wears dark shadows i've noticed and heavy blush. Idk, she needs a more natural look.

Rihanna is so over rated. I'm so tired of her trashy and over the top looks. She used to be so much prettier in the past. On the other hand Kate beckinsale is my husbands dream come true...TRUE STORY!! thats the actress he thinks is gorgeous and has natural beauty besides me haha jk. But she always dresses amazing.

I loved kelly's dress but like you said not on her i think it would look great on heidi klum or Jessica Alba. Overall she looked good and I don't mind the hair. I actually liked it.

I don't know who the next girl is but the dress is nice looks more like a casual dress not appropriate for the grammy's.

Adele just wears black to hide the extra pounds..not trying to be rude but black always hides the fat. I think she could have tried harder and a red dress would have looked stunning on her

I absolutely love Katy perry's dress, her body is perfection!! and i love the hair it just goes well with her and she can pull stuff off like that. Fergie just looks like she found her grandmas orange table cloth or something and those huge hoop earrings were just too big and could have got caught up in her dress, not to mention the granny panties she was wearing. Nicki minaj...she annoys me.!!!

Forever Dream Photography said...

oh I loved reading this!

Jamie said...

This was just what I needed this early Friday morning. Loved it. The Pope? Really?