Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's the big idea?

I am a devotee.
I like certain things and sticking to them.
Perhaps it's not necessarily loyalty (although I suppose that is part of it), but I think mostly I don't like change. AND I have a hard time spending more money than absolutely necessary on many things. Truth be told, I haven't paid retail prices for makeup in so long that when the time comes that I will have to pay full price the line in the sand will be drawn: what am I willing to splurge on and what can I save on?
My basics are first: skin care. foundation. concealer. gel eyeliner.
The "accessory" makeup (i.e. blush, eye shadow, lip color) is always changing and, therefore, I never feel the need to spend a fortune on it.
This leads me to my point.

NARS Orgasm blush. Is it really all that it is cracked up to be? Do I REALLY need to spend $30 on a blush? Every time that danged blush wins another beauty award or is mentioned in passing by an A-list celeb, I feel out of the loop because I've never tried it. Not a swipe, not a dab. Is it as amazing as everyone says? Is it really so universal? I've gone thus far in my makeup career without it, so do I really NEED to buy it now?

Time to use your power of persuasion, peeps.
Should I give in and purchase the ever elusive Orgasm blush? Or am I not missing out at all?


HeidiandJason said...

I'm a long time wearer of orgasm blush until.... you suggested Dainty. So there you have it, you might be ok without it. OR I simply wear dainty because you do and you are the makeup guru!But I will say Orgasm gives me a sunkissed glow that I LOVE.

Cherry Blossoms said...

I am also a long wearer of orgasm blush. I just sold my sister on it as well! I have had mine for over 3 years so I am def getting my monies worth. It is such a great color that it can be worn all year round and it wears well. I agree with you on saving $ when it comes to some makeup items, but this is one item that I promise you will LOVE!!!!!

Krystal Arnett said...

My mom got it for me for Christmas a year ago and I love it!

Lisa @ Tales of a Young Housewife said...

Stop what you are doing, drop that thirty dollars & BUY IT. I promise it will change your life!

Katie B. said...

I have been wearing it for several years now, and I love it!!! It is for sure a "must have" splurge :)

Amber said...

I have been wearing it for forever and am a continued buyer!!! You can't go wrong with NARS!