Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sag awards

Another award show.
Another chance for us to pick apart some celeb fashion.

too bad most of the fashion moments were disappointing. {sigh}.

H: Booooring. Nothing to write home about. I think I already forgot what she looked like.
C: More redeemable than the Golden Globes ensemble we saw last week, but at this point I am seriously wondering if she got a reallly bad hair cut she doesn't want anyone to know about...?

H: Pretty, but pass.
C: I loved this dress, and was surprised that many of the dresses I loved were on a bunch of unknown actresses!

H: I don't understand this dress. Batman meets 80's bride? Fail.
C: Stop it. Stop it right now. We get it...you want to be Britney Spears circa 2001.

H: Horror story. Wouldn't be bad for a beach cover-up...but excuse me, that's a red carpet you're standing on.
C: Oh, Busy Phillips. A Target maxi for the SAG awards? Really? Where was your BFF Michelle Williams when you really needed her?

H: Pretty color. Otherwise forgetful.
C: I loved her in this. The hair and makeup are icing on the cake. Note to Dianna: you do "pretty" wayyy better than you do edgy.

H: Glad Emma took a chance with the hem-line. It's fun, but not my personal cup o' tea cause of the shoe-sies. I here dub this honorable.
C: HATE. Her bag looks like a corsage, which just finishes off the "I'm going to my high school prom" look perfectly. Even the hair and lip color are bad.

H: Seriously? A trash bag? You're Angelina-freaking-Jolie and you wear a trash bag?
C: This is TERRIBLE. She looks emaciated and what is happening with her hair?

H: I think I had this dress in 1996.
C: Death by print.

H: Oh Zoe. I LOVED this dress. She looks absolutely stunning!
C: I agree she looks beautiful, but what's with the wife beater tank under the dress?

H: This color is so yum. Mmmmm... I would have done her hair differently though.
C: Ditto.

H: The top is so pretty. The hem looks unfinished. Not for me.
C: Rose took a chance and I still can't decide how I feel about it. It would be totally acceptable for a premiere, but for an awards show? Questionable. She does have some bangin' bangs though.

H: Who pairs a halter with a giant choker? My neck hurts just looking at this. UGH.
C: Attack of the killer accessory! I demand to know who let this woman out of the house in a halter dress and choker!

H: SO pretty.
C: LOVE. one of my favorites of the night.

H: Goooorgeous. I want to swim in the fabric. The color is so refreshing.
C: Dreamboat City, USA. Population...what's this girl's name? Anyway, I die over this dress and the color and her skin and the whole kit and caboodle.

H: Love her. Love her dress. Not in love with the shoes.
C: Love it from the waist up. But I don't understand the hemline or the shoes!

H: This was my favorite of the whole entire night. It's interesting, the color is amazing, it was accessorized beautifully. She looks beyond.
C: Totally agree. Fabulosity. She looks like a million bucks!


Chandler Brooke said...

you guys took the words right out of my mouth! I love you both by the way! and you are both freaking beautiful!

kent and liz said...

Couldn't agree more... on everything!