Saturday, January 7, 2012

My H is back!

H's month long voyage back to AZ was several things: fun, busy, and much too short. Now that she left on a jet plane again last week, here's a readers digest version of what we did together when she was here:

Compared bellies. (we both think our own is bigger and that the other looks cuter)

Gave H's brows a much needed makeover. Now, she's practically Aria from PLL.

I got bangs! My hair's so now. (Quoted from Legally Blonde.. anyone? anyone?) No, but I got some nice faux bangs to add to my hair repertoire. H kindly blended and beautified them just for me.

Our annual bestie gift exchange for Christmas. We both got milkshakes with dinner and jewelry for presents. Great minds! (Among other things, I got H one of the rose gold bangles I mentioned here, and she got me some fab turquoise earrings from Anthro.)

Watching our cute kiddos (born exactly 2 weeks apart) deepen their love for each other. Their wedding is in t-minus 19 years.

We engaged in lotsa talking. Baby names (I have mine decided but H is still playing the field), blogging, fashion, and catching up.

Oh, and we ate. A lot.
Mostly chocolate.

(have you tried these? mmm.)

Miss my H already.


Brandi said...

this is so cute! what cutest bellies you have! My best and i were pregnant at the same time too! Much more fun together!

Clint, Marianne, Sage and Charlotte said...

you guys are so fun.