Thursday, January 19, 2012

Golden Globes

Fashion is in the air. And so are awards shows.
First up: Golden Globes

Let me (C) disclaimer this post by saying that pretty much NO ONE dressed for their body type and EVERYONE bored me. I've seen it all before, people. But anyway.

H loves:

Stacy Keibler
The bow on the back of this dress makes me incredibly happy inside. Gorgeous.

Michelle Williams
I LOVED this look on Michelle. Yes, even the headband. (the hair color is...unfortunate) But what I loved most was her Acceptance/Thank you speech. What a cute little mama!
C disagrees with Michelle. Navy velvet is not her friend. And neither is her new strawberry blonde do. Usually at least her makeup impresses, but nope. The ball got completely dropped.

Jessica Alba
She literally was glowing. Loved this dress on her!
C: Seriously she wears this EXACT same dress to everything. But I can't disagree with her gorgeous skin.

Kate Beckinsale
C: again with the neutrals. I'm bored.

C loves:

Heidi Klum
Stop it with that jewelry. It's too amazing for words. And I love how fresh she looks!
H: Yum.

Jenna Dewan
This color is so fab on her and was such a great contrast to all the neutrals everyone else was sporting.
H: This jewel tone was so pretty- espesh with her eyes.

Julie Bowen
So milky. So creamy. I LOVE everything about this look. Plus it's a most welcome change from her usual bandage dresses that show how underweight she is.
H: We'll have to agree to disagree. Love the dress. Hate it on her. Washed out city!

Emma Stone
The eagle belt doesn't bother me...probably because I'm too distracted by the most amazing color combination of her hair and dress.

H: Kill me for hating the eagle belt. I really wanted to like it cause I love everything else about it!


Lea Michelle
C: I hate that I like it. The fact that it's Marchesa gives it the edge it needed to make it to the "like" category.


Nicole Richie
so unimpressed. usually she pulls out the stops but this one was so bland (can silver metallic be bland?) But, she still looks pretty...

(This could take all day...)

Charlize Theron
Her hair and makeup were stunning. I don't want to be rude but, couldn't hate the dress more.
For the record, C loves Charlize. I mean, c'mon. She's flawless.

Natalie Portman
I'm so confused. She got out of the shower and threw her hair back (seriously it still looks wet) and then she went down to her local Windsor and bought this dress off the rack. Am I right or am I right?

Zooey Deschanel
Lime green and black? Let's pretend this never happened. (and what's with the Cleopatra-esque wig?)

Dianna Agron
eye of the tiger.

Reese Witherspoon
I am embarrassed for her. Not one jewel to be found and she obviously rode the entire way to the GG's with the top down in a convertible.

The worst we can all agree on? Sarah Michelle Gellar.
The hair and makeup are so severe and age her approximately 20 years.
The dress is a monstrosity of a painters drop cloth.
AND she blamed this nightmare disaster on her 2 year old daughter who supposedly picked it out. Way to throw your toddler under the bus.

Okay now you've heard our opinions (loud and clear!)...what did YOU think?


Tiffany said...

Elle McPherson looked A.MA.ZING! She was beyond GORGEOUS! And at 47 years old too!!!
I also thought Angelina Jolie looked pretty dang good...even though I kinda hate her.

Shalise said...

I know it's the neutrals again, but I kind of loved Katherine mcphee's look...though I'm not sure I love her.

famofboys said...

Favorites: Julie Bowen and Emma Stone. Everything else I have seen a million times before on the runway. It was all so repetitive

Pepper Lovin! said...

Ok have to agree for the most part. I thought Michelle WIlliams looked like an 80 year old grandma. Loved jessica alba but I agree she always wears taht color. Heidi did change up the neutral with the jewels but everytime I look at her I think of her without makeup. I loved jenna but wish it didn't have the see through legs agree with the eagle belt what?HATEd Charlize and everyone was LOVING Her. Nichole usually wows hated her hair

kent and liz said...

I was so excited to read your reviews! Thoughts on Angelina? I sorta hated it. Kill me, but I loved Charlize.

jennifer a said...

Loved Stacy kieblers and Jessica alba- everyone else on here...ehhh...nothing too exciting.

Rachel Cunningham said...

I was too distracted by Madonna's freaky arms to notice anything else.