Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Fashion Freebies: Day 1

We are so excited to be back for another year of Fall Fashion Freebies, our week-long giveaway of all things beautiful and fashionable!

Day 1: Robison Orthodontics

Who doesn't want whiter teeth? (one of my first orders of business after I pop out this babe!)

Robison Orthodontics is giving away free teeth whitening and a complimentary Invisalign consultation! Your smile can be your best accessory this fall. Wear it proudly with your whitest, brightest (and straightest!) teeth ever!

A little about the amazing company:

At Robison Orthodontics, we love creating beautiful smiles with braces and Invisalign.

Dr. Robison is a wonderful, well-trained orthodontist who cares for his patients like


To enter the giveaway:
1. Follow TBM and Like us on FB
3. Blog, FB, or Tweet about the giveaway
Leave a comment for EACH thing you do to get extra entries!
**Giveaway ends Monday November 6th at midnight**
Good luck, and be sure to check back all week for the rest of the giveaways!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

wedding hair: i do

wedding hair that has been given the H-stamp of approval!

I personally love a romantic, soft, more messy-chic look. How's that for a list of adjectives?
So whether you're getting married, you know someone, or you are re/living the dream I was kind enough to put some looks together for you. You can thank me later {see comment link}.

oh how i want to be a bride again. Sigh...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

giddy on up.

Horse prints are no longer exclusively being used to decorate an elderly woman's tapestry or an aging cowboy's bedspread.

It's the newest trend in fashion and in Hollywood!

Kourtney Kardashian in ASOS, $72

Jeyma Mays

Here's some cute pieces to add to your wardrobe:

ASOS has the best selection of horse printed clothes right now, since not all other stores have caught on.
Get on the horse and try it out! (pun intended.)

Another tip? Try searching thrift stores for horse prints. One of my friends just found a fab horse print skirt for $5!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrity styles

Some celebrity outfits I've been drooling over lately:

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli
Julianne Hough in Tibi

Nicole Richie in Keepsake

Zoe Saldana in head to toe Michael Kors

Kim K in post-Labor-Day-all-white.
I don't love the hat but I love the rest of the outfit.

Oh, and this picture just for fun (I LOVE that she's denying a pregnancy)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my new...

gold sperry's boat shoes. most comfortable shoes in my repertoire.


these were a gift from my dear friend A and they go with everything! I wear them everyday.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. Just delightful.

...nail polish:

OPI I Brake For Manicures

...favorite song:
"Arms" by Christina Perri

Monday, October 17, 2011


two things i love right now:
outerwear and lipstick.

"it's your finishing touch...your very own
candy wrapper: the coat." -jenna lyons

neautral trench love:

. jcrew.


bright color coats love.


(and take note of the lip-love.)

nautical navy love.

now for the lips.
love at first sight.
what is this color smeared across the lips of my November issued Jcrew catalog?
need it in my repretoire stat.
for some reason i always feel most comfortable wearing lipstick in the colder months. no fear of melting perhaps?

dear fuchsia, can we be friends?

I loooove C's orange lip.
want to copy? {me, too}
She recommends: "Morange. But for those of who who get scared off by crayola-type brights, I recommend Eager or Vegas Volt (I have a mixture of the two on in the picture). If orange lipstick makes you feel nervous, try a variation with peach. It looks good on everyone!! (Sandy B or Color me Coral)"

so who's on board with me? Bright outerwear {coats and lips} here we come!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

hair repair

I can hardly think of worse things than the f-words.

I am so saddened to see those who have been over processed, chemically parched, or victims of a {much too hot} flat iron frenzy. It is heart wrenchingly awful to see.

What can you do if you have fallen victim to this abhorrence?
I wish I could give a 'one answer fits all' solution but it obviously depends on the person and what damage has been done.
I can, however offer some general guidelines. {insert trumpet sounding}

1. There are two types of 'deep conditioners' out there.
a. One of them I call a Keratin conditioner.
This means it is a strengthening conditioner. To help restore the natural keratin that has been lost. A word to the wise: keratin-based conditioners generally don't make your hair 'silky smooth'. Their purpose is to strengthen.

I love the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin line.
If your hair is frizz-tastic I would highly recommend getting a Keratin Complex treatment in-salon. It's like a deep conditioner on steroids.

b. The other type of deep conditioner is more...well, conditioning. They generally help restore moisture leaving your hair smooth and giving that 'silky' feeling. If your hair is super dry and gets tangly this is a good conditioner for you.

I recommend Biolage Conditioning Balm
{time tested and mother approved!}

Now let these conditioners sit on as long as you have time {up to 30 min}. Let them do their magic. If you can, place a plastic bag over and sit under a dryer or heat up your hair with a blow dryer set on low, but hot.

Oh! And I don't want to sound like a broken record or anything BUT obviously you're already using Moroccan Oil, right? Just had to make sure.

and if you don''ll look like Tyra.

but all joking aside. Please take care of your hair girls. Cause every time you skip a trim, or hair breaks because of neglegance...a hairdresser dies inside.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zits eat makeup.

My skin has been having a panic attack. Since I can't exfoliate as often as ususal because of my pregnancy, when I finally do, all the underground zits say to each other: "all arise; the coast is clear." And I am left with zit-face central.

The problem with this is that makeup never seems to cover up zits in a way that makes them less conspicuous. In fact, makeup seems to crust over the zit and make it more obvious than before. Zits are ravenous beasts that eat all the makeup you put over them until they are as red and shiny as they day they were born.

I'm here to give you the permission you've always craved: You ARE allowed to pop you zit--under certain circumstances. Do it the wrong way and that blemish will catastrophize itself into a bloody wound (we've all been there).

Here's the steps:
Wash hands
Wrap a tissue around each index finger
Squeeze gently
Wipe away any discharge
Follow with a spot treatment--preferably one with Salicylic Acid in it

I would do all your zit-poppin' at night, otherwise you're going to be left with a serious red and swollen situation glaring everyone in the face. If you HAVE to pop that sucker in the morning, follow your steps with a little ice therapy on the spot. It will alleviate some of the redness and swelling.

Now, to cover it up.

You gotta make sure the blemish is dry or else the oozing will wipe away any trace of makeup. Also, be sure to moisturize. There's nothing worse than a crusty zit.
Follow your usual steps of foundation, then concealer (paying special attention to the blemish and surrounding area), and powder. Let the concealer sit on the spot for 30 seconds or so and press it into the area with your (clean) finger. Let that dry before brushing powder on top of it.

Make sure all the tools you are using (makeup brushes, etc.) are clean so that no bacteria can sneak into the zit and make it worse! And don't forget to cleanse your skin everyday!!!

Try not to fret: the zit will go away eventually.
I should take my own advice.

PS: Our talented friend Jade over at Finder's Keepers is doing an amazing furniture sale this weekend! Be sure to check it out!

Monday, October 10, 2011

roses are red

I suppose it's time to come out of hiding.
Weekend Wardrobe:
eat your heart out.

Don't be jealous that there are sooo many good vintage dresses out here in Nebraska. Who knows, maybe our readers will benefit from this as well?

Dress: Vintage
Earrings: By Boe
Pumps: Jessica Simpson
Porcelain Skin: Nebraska {ha}

Saturday, October 8, 2011

the next generation

We have all experienced my lack of subtlety when it comes to my love of Mary Kate and Ashley (still bitter about not being able to be in their fan club when I was 7 years old). But now my unabashed adoration can move down to the next generation: little sis Elizabeth O (I made up that nickname all on my own). This girl looks like she could be MK and A's long lost twin (errr...triplet?), besides the fact that she is practically amazonian-tall comparatively. Take a look at some pictures of the up-and-coming star (who is getting as-we-speak Oscar buzz for an indie film she's in! gasp!)

She's so Ashley here I could die. Ashley plus Bridgette Bardot.

Sisters supporting E's first magazine cover for Nylon.

Amazing fashion sense.

Gorgeous features. Just a chip off the 'ol block.
Need I say more?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Dream of Cream"

Cream is my wardrobe staple.
So are braids.
So when I was invited to do the makeup for this magazine photo shoot I was completely thrilled to be a part of something I already adore!

Summer at Eliza magazine is amazing. She has created a magazine that features all the latest fashion and beauty, but for the girl who still wants to have high standards for all aspects of her life.

Here's a couple pictures from the shoot I did for Eliza that was entitled "Dream of Cream."

Reason #927 why I hate that H lives in Nebraska: doing photo shoots just isn't the same without my partner in crime.