Friday, April 29, 2011


What's that you say...

You're dying for a new accessory?
You have an obsession with Etsy jewelry?
Dire need of a Mother's Day gift?

Don't worry TBM has got you covered.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A do-good giveaway

We are participating in a giveaway over at Pied Piper Photography! Check it out and enter your lovely and most deserving friends!

AND...stay tuned for a giveaway on our blog tomorrow!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Makeup Essentials

Spring has sprung!

Are you bummed that your seemingly perma-pasty and dry winter skin is holding you back from indulging in Spring makeup trends? Me too.

Here's some of springs latest and greatest trend to keep us on track.

Colored Eyeliner or Mascara:

Try blue for brown eyes
purple for green eyes
and a dark burgundy or emerald green for blue eyes.
Also, do one coat of your favorite black mascara and then top it with the colored. This will give your eyes definition and pop!

Coral Lips:
Bright or soft, either way it's a dream come true!

Bronze, glowing skin
(think dewdrops.)
In order to be considered Bronzy McBronzerson remember this: fake it till you make it, people. and by fake it I most certainly do NOT mean go get an artificial tan via a tanning bed. Pick up your favorite bronzer and blend it with a fluffy brush all around the outer perimeter of your face (ask yourself this: "Is this an area of my face that would be naturally kissed by the sun?" if yes, proceed.)


If you are only going to purchase a few things to update your beauty profile this season, let it be these:

MAC Ever Hip lipstick (This creamy coral will take your pretty face all the way to autumn!)

OPI Mod About You nail polish

A colored mascara or liner that suits your eye color

Monday, April 25, 2011

hippie love

I came across this picture and thought how CUTE is that?!
And since we love our readers so much I thought I'd show you how it's done.

1. Start with blown out straight hair
(I used a volumizing mouse in my roots and Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme on ends)
2. You'll want a little extra lift in the roots, so go ahead a tease the crown area a little.
3. And we're teased!

4. Take the front section of hair starting right in front of your ear going up to your part.
5. Split that section into 3 sub sections
5. Start your braid (you don't want a perfect braid) Think fly-aways and not super tight.
6. Secure the one side of your braid and start the other side
7. Take the two braids and bobby pin them together, and wa-la you've got yourself a hippie braid. Do I look like that model yet? Nevermind that she has 12x more hair than i do!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

WW: Easter best dresses

Part I: Church

Dress: Gap
Cardi: F21
Earrings: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden
(sorry for the cell pic, you couldn't see them in the other pictures. but aren't we glad I FINALLY got some of these!! love the mary jane strap too.)

Dean wasn't too keen on taking photos today. See picture below.

So here's better photographic evidence of this outfit (which he also wore for his two-year photos.) Have you taken my H&M advice for little boy shopping yet??

{Dean's pants and shirt are from H&M, his tie is from Century 21, shoes are Target, and suspenders are American Apparel}

Part II: eating.

dress: vintage (needed to wear something with an elastic waist, know what I'm sayin')
sandals: Gap
earrings: F21

hope you and yours had a fab holiday and that you, too, were able to take advantage of elastic waisted clothing.

Friday, April 22, 2011

FTF: Wants vs Needs

Fashion Tip FRIDAY

Despite what my husband might say, i need these things.

there are wants, and then there are necesseties.

these are the latter.

Don't try to talk me out them either because who wouldn't need:

kendra scott earrings as seen on our girl H duff.

black faux leather leggings {minus the nude leo, duh}

silver sequin skirt

gold sequin shorts

Obviously everyone needs at least one pair. and a backup for the year- supply, just in case!

summery dresses

just look at those colors! if they don't summer happiness to you then i don't know what will. Oh wait, it looks like they put one digit too many on the price tag of happiness. {sigh} a girl can dream.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hair Inspiration

Your one-stop shop for hair inspiration starting...





Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dear Isla,

You make me wish I had red hair.

And that my name was Isla (SO dreamy).

And I think I'll steal the name Olive from you too.

But why did you have to be so secretive about your second pregnancy? Okay, I suppose you do deserve some privacy. But how about an acknowledgement that you had another baby. OR what you named her (H and I are on the edge of our seats because we just KNOW we'll have to copy you.)

This just in: baby's name is Elula.
Disappointing, but still admirable for its creativity.
Isla on motherhood: "Motherhood is my favorite topic but I never talk about it publicly. As much as I love what I am doing, and I am so fortunate to have the opportunities that I have had, my responsibility is to my family."

Let's just love her even more now. And forgive her for not letting us in on her little secret until 6 months post-birth.

Here are some of Isla's greatest hits:

The hair!
The face!
The accent!

Oy vey.

I've come to the conclusion that Isla should write a manuel. Even a pamphlet of some sort would be acceptable. It could be entitled {I'm just throwing out ideas here} "how to be a fabulous redhead" OR "how to use jewel tones to your advantage." {a little wordy but it gets the point across}

Case in point:

cobalt and mustard!

classic emerald and red hair combo = dream come true

Do I even need to mention Confessions of a Shopaholic? I didn't think so.

Do we love her?
We love her.
And if I were a red-head or an Aussie or had a baby girl named Olive I would be that much closer to being her greatest fan.