Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

I've been such a doll this year. Be a champ and leave these things under my tree. Mmmkay?


ps: I have categorized them for your convenience


Ebay's JCrew Necklace (see, I'm totally being reasonable)

Fuggedaboutit. I just saw the price.

New ring. Love the ring I have...but wouldn't it be great to switch it up once in awhile? Etsy.

Neiman Marcus. A great, and well deserved push present (don't ya think?)

Shop Bop. Thankyouver'much.

Accessories for my biz-nass:

Case for my iPhone. Both from JCrew.

For Baby:

This room for baby girl. Where can I find that mirrored dresser?

Bob Duallie Stroller. In black or bust.

Terra Traditions. THEE cutest baby books on the planet. Vintage inspired for your pleasure.

Pink Oxfords, for both girls. My source tells me Target...but I thought I saw them at Nordstrom.

STILL want these Steve Madden flats. It's been months. It's practically a necessity by now.

My Hands:

While you're at it throw some essie's in the ol' stocking. Sure appreciate-cha!Essie Marshmallow.

What's on your list this year??


Leigh said...

No joke, I just bought the turq J Crew bubble necklace on eBay for $32.99. I have yet to see the little girl oxfords at Taget too...

Hillary from The Beauty Mark said...

So you're the one who outbid me! I have such a love/hate relationship with Ebay...I do not like to lose!! But congrats :)

Casey said...

I'm not sure where you could find a mirrored dresser, but I have seen some great DIY projects using Looking Glass Mirror-Like Aerosol Spray Paint
I'm sure you could find an inexpensive dresser and dress it up yourself! Good luck!

Lisa Harris said...

I have the dressers. Zgallerie. love them. Oxfords are at only certain Target's. Found them at the one on Power/Ray. I love my BOB just keep a hand pump in the pocket. They get flats really quick.
Fun list.

The Banners said...

I love your list...i need that neimans ring! Too bad it practically costs more than my car! I bought a turquoise bubble necklace at h&m that looks exactly like the jcrew one for $12.95. It was probably 6 months ago so I'm sure they dont have it anymore...but it's worth a shot? I love it I wear it like once a week!