Wednesday, November 16, 2011

oh no, she didn't.

Oh, yes.

She DID.

Let's play another little makeover game, shall we?
Here we have some celebrity before and afters.
They have hired us to be their hair consultants.


1. Dianna
2. Joanna
3. Rhianna
4. Nicole
5. Jessica
6. Jennifer
7. Audrina
8. Michelle
9. Ali
10. Selena
11. Cameron

Feel free to have your own opinion but...
H's answer key:
1. The after is DEF styled better. BUT the correct answer is neither ;)
2. Both!
3. Before
4. After- LOVE the bangs (& fake pony)
5. I like her hair long. but she looks a hot mess in the before sooo neither.
6. Before
7. Before
8. Before (but fun for fall)
9. Before (After makes her look so old!!)
10. Before
11. BEFORE!!!

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