Friday, November 11, 2011

hot buns

A few people have asked me how to create the
{very popular on pinterest}


Well, since I don't have my partner in crime by my side to do a decent vlog of it, I will hook you up with all the pictures and links you need to create this look at home.


1. One sock, preferably close to your hair color.
If your hair is already thick try using a nylon sock.
2. One pair of scissors, to cut the toes off of the aforementioned sock.
3. Roll that sock into a donut (bun)
4. Watch this video skipping almost to minute 4. {you're welcome for the time save!}
5. Take note that I do NOT recommend doing it pigtail/princess leia-style.

Also, it should be mentioned that I am now scheduling hair appointments for ARIZONA clients starting December. Book now or forever regret it.


Brenn said...

I love the sock bun, and the sock bun curls! The headband curling tutorial on pintrest has also changed my life, and I highly recommend it!!

Megan {ShabbyBlogs} said...

Oh my gosh, I want a hair appointment!!! I'll be out there for Christmas. Can I please please please get a little make-over? Also, I emailed you guys ages ago and then never heard back. I hope you got my email! I'll write again when I get a free second. But please pencil me in for an appointment sometime between the 19th and 28th or 29th...if that works for you. Yay!