Tuesday, November 29, 2011

beauty is in the eye of the iPhone

A short quiz:
Do you find yourself only taking photos with your phone?
Is your expensive SLR camera gathering dust on the shelf?
Is Facebook slowly being replaced by Instagram?
(addendum to previous question) do you find yourself taking photos of random things just to post it on Instagram?

Welcome to my life. In fact, my iPhone's picture gallery tells a better story of my life than I can probably remember these last few weeks.

Organizing accessories. Did you know that a tall can of Quaker Oats can be turned into the most amazing storage for headbands and scarves?

Taking Dean on photo shoots with me for lack of a babysitter. He really enjoyed himself at the Girls with Glasses shoots (probably because they have some amazing props!)

The sock bun has officially revolutionized my life. I utilize it at the end of every washing cycle (i.e. I wear my hair down for 3 days, and sock bun it for 2 more. wash. and repeat. TMI??)

Found an amazing rose gold bow bracelet to go with my rose gold watch! (best part? under $20!) Fun fact: did you know that rose gold is made from regular yellow gold and copper being mixed together? (yup, you are now smarter from reading this blog.)

Oh, and lotsa eating. This particular craving has been brought to you by Smashburger. Tell them I sent ya (just kidding).

On another note, I'm so glad my girl H finally got a smart phone so that we can communicate more effectively via 24/7 access to the internet, Instagram, and all other social media.

Oh, and if you have an iPhone but have not yet fallen madly in love with the Instagram app...get on that asap.


Amy Stewart said...

Hi! I hope you girls are well. :) I don't have an iPhone. Blackberry... photos are decent. Not so artsy like the iphone ones though. =/

Hey btw... I'm hosting a giveaway.
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Kurt and Carli said...

Can I request a sock bun vlog post?? Is my hair just too thick? I can't figure this one out:)

So fun brunching with you last week!

amber lynne. said...

haha i do that same exact hair cycle! i plan my life around the one day a week i wash my hair. and instagram has also taken over my life.. i get annoyed if everyone i follow doesnt post at least once a day.. i check it every two secs. love your blog!

Kayla said...

I have yet to perfect the sock bun on my hair. My hair is so thick so I used a nylon, but I think I just need to practice more to get it just right! I LOVE your watch! I wish I had an Iphone, I hear Im missing out. My husband has one, but I don't. Somethings wrong with that picture!!! haha