Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zits eat makeup.

My skin has been having a panic attack. Since I can't exfoliate as often as ususal because of my pregnancy, when I finally do, all the underground zits say to each other: "all arise; the coast is clear." And I am left with zit-face central.

The problem with this is that makeup never seems to cover up zits in a way that makes them less conspicuous. In fact, makeup seems to crust over the zit and make it more obvious than before. Zits are ravenous beasts that eat all the makeup you put over them until they are as red and shiny as they day they were born.

I'm here to give you the permission you've always craved: You ARE allowed to pop you zit--under certain circumstances. Do it the wrong way and that blemish will catastrophize itself into a bloody wound (we've all been there).

Here's the steps:
Wash hands
Wrap a tissue around each index finger
Squeeze gently
Wipe away any discharge
Follow with a spot treatment--preferably one with Salicylic Acid in it

I would do all your zit-poppin' at night, otherwise you're going to be left with a serious red and swollen situation glaring everyone in the face. If you HAVE to pop that sucker in the morning, follow your steps with a little ice therapy on the spot. It will alleviate some of the redness and swelling.

Now, to cover it up.

You gotta make sure the blemish is dry or else the oozing will wipe away any trace of makeup. Also, be sure to moisturize. There's nothing worse than a crusty zit.
Follow your usual steps of foundation, then concealer (paying special attention to the blemish and surrounding area), and powder. Let the concealer sit on the spot for 30 seconds or so and press it into the area with your (clean) finger. Let that dry before brushing powder on top of it.

Make sure all the tools you are using (makeup brushes, etc.) are clean so that no bacteria can sneak into the zit and make it worse! And don't forget to cleanse your skin everyday!!!

Try not to fret: the zit will go away eventually.
I should take my own advice.

PS: Our talented friend Jade over at Finder's Keepers is doing an amazing furniture sale this weekend! Be sure to check it out!


Jade said...

Thanks Court! It is going to be a fun sale!! Love you Beauty Mark babes:)

Shalise said...

Hope your skin feels better soon! And thanks for the recommendation on 'Hart of Dixie'. I've been loving it. Too bad I can't pull off those shorts!

Shelley Goodman said...

Thank you for having such an enjoyable and informational blog to read! I am wondering if sometime in the future you could do a post on how to treat a dry face?! Mine is super dry, it's border line scary! Right now I am using the St.Ives green tea cleanser and the grean tea scrub once a week. My face is so dry that for a moisturizer I am using all natural straight up coconut oil from sprouts(because I heard that could help dry skin). Even then the coconut oil is sucked into my face instantly. I am trying to drink more water... do you have any advice for me? I am willing to try any product, no matter the price.