Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Venice Film Festival

I'm itching for awards season, and all the fashion critiques that come with it! Luckily, the Venice Film Festival just wrapped up a few days ago and the stars were in fine form (both for praising and for mocking). Think of this as a warm-up exercise for the Emmy's on Sunday! (Can't hardly wait!)

First is best (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.)
Jessica Chastain in Elie Saab. LOVE this dress. The color is perfection for her. Plus, I'm kind of all about The Help right now (Jessica plays Celia Foote in the movie.) In fact, I can't stop saying this to my son (in my most impressive southern drawl):
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Back to fashion...
Gwyneth Paltrow in Prada. DIE over the bow.

Keira Knightley in Mary Katrantzou
and Valentino Couture

Diane Kruger in Elie Saab (who, by the way, is having a fantastic night of fashion with his dresses!)

And now for the odder choices of the evening:

Kate Winslet in a optical-illusion Stella McCartney dress.
Odd is a good word for it, right?
It's like that one time she was photoshopped to half her actual size. But she's doing the photoshopping with this dress. Do I need to cross my eyes and a hidden image will appear?

Salma Hayek in Gucci Premiere
Um...when did she get so skinny? She is kind of channelling a bobble head at this point. I feel neutral about the dress.

Madonna in Vionett
This looks literally scares me. She looks exactly like she did in A League of Their Own. But not in a good way. Also, did she get those sunglasses at Party City?

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