Saturday, September 10, 2011


do you find yourself in a hair rut?
here's some hair inspiration to get you out of that aforementioned rut. 'cause there's nothing worse than style-less hair. am i right?

if I had a penny for every time someone brought in this picture of Kristen Cav...(above, bottom, right) kind of excited to see her on Dancing w/the Stars! Buuut remember when they introduced her as "reality show sweetheart" um, did they not see the show??

Dear: Jennifer, Sandra, Olivia, chick on bottom right: swoon. ing.

Long luxurious hair. Healthy waves. Do we see a pattern here?

Also. it should be announced that I, H, will be in the great state of AZ to do hair the end of this month/beg of oct. Space is {very} limited.
email accordingly:

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The Bensons said...

I have long hair and sometimes its such a pain in the booty to find something thats fast but classy when i don't have time. There are times i would look to do the pixie hair cut, but then i have the husband beggin me not to cut it either hahaha..I wish he knew how it felt to have luscious long hair lol. I love all the hair looks on this page.