Wednesday, September 7, 2011

essential oils

Every once in a while we have the amazing opportunity to test out some great products given to us by our lovely readers.

Sweet J over at Oil Essentials sent us a goody bag bursting with doTerra's natural delights. H and I were both not too familiar with essential oils, but Joni assured us in her first email that "Essential oils are becoming more and more a part of people's health and wellness routines, and they are great for hair and skin care as well." She knows just what to say!!

We told Joni that we are both pregnant and have 2 year olds, so we would love to try oils that would be specific to our station in life. She went above and beyond the call of duty! H and I both received the following oils:
On Guard
Citrus Bliss

Little did we know just how often we could use these little bottles! Here's a snippet that Joni sent us along with the oils:

Lavender is calming and relaxing, great for burns, and tastes great in frosting. Lemon is cleansing and refreshing, I love to put a few drops in a squirt bottle with water and spritz everything for a fresh clean smell, and/or to disinfect the countertops. Peppermint is the one oil I would never be without. It's uplifiting and invigorating, great for anything digestive, pain relief, burns, etc. I love it as a beath freshener too. Tastes great in water with a little bit of Lemon.
Ginger - great for stomach upset and indigestion. Melaleuca - great antiseptic, anti-fungal oil. Wonderful for cuts and scratches and for disinfecting. I love this oil for canker sores. I put it directly on the sore, your canker sore will be gone in half the time. Also a great spot treater for zits!
OnGuard - this is a great immune boosting blend. Whenever everyone else in the house is sick, I just put a drop under my tongue on a regular basis, and I never get sick. I also like to put a drop under my tongue if I feel like a sore throat is coming on. For your children, I would put a drop on their feet every day to keep them well. You can also put a drop on a toothpick and then put the toothpick into an apple slice, or apple sauce, or yogurt or anything else they may be eating. Citrus Bliss - my very favorite!! I call it pure "happiness in a bottle" because it is so mood uplifiting. So for those times when you get the blues, it's the perfect pick me up. I also love to make frosting with it, or honey butter, or just put a drop in my water. Serenity - This one is my "instant relaxation" in a bottle. It is calming, relaxing, stress relieving, and promotes restful sleep. The perfect way to unwind before bed. Also wonderful to rub on the bottom of your children's feet to help them relax and get to sleep.

A trick that Joni taught us is to put oils on the bottom of the feet because that is where the most pores are, and it gets into your system rather quickly that way!

Here's our thoughts after playing with the oils for a few weeks:

The Ginger helped kick my nausea in a huge way. I have always heard that eating ginger helps with morning sickness, but this concentrated form really settled my stomach.

Since I am pregnant, my skin is freaking out but I can't use any of my usual exfoliants. The Melaleuca dried up my zits in a chemical-free way in the same amount of time! I was super impressed.

In addition to the oil, we also got OnGuard cough drops. My husband felt a sore throat coming on, but I gave him one of these cough drops and it went away! Amazing!

But perhaps by most exciting discovery is the relief I found from my debilitating (no, really) heartburn! I rubbed a combo of peppermint and lemon on my throat and chest and it provided immediate relief!


I had such a great experience with these oils. I found myself using these little wonders way more often than I could have ever imagined. I used them in so many different ways I will just highlight a few of my favorites:

I LOVED using the lemon oil (diluted with water) to clean my kitchen. It made it smell so yummy and fresh and was very comforting knowing that it wasn't some harsh chemical. Especially having a toddler around who touches EVERYTHING.

I also enjoyed using the Peppermint on my toothbrush! It made my mouth feel so fresh after brushing.

Serenity was great to use at night. Such a calming fragrance, I could feel my mood change. And it was the perfect excuse for my sleeping in. (the oil made me do it!)

Last but not least I LOVED the doTerra cleansing wipes. I found countless places to use them. The airplane, the park, the mall, the doctor office. I liked using them so much more than my typical antibacterial gel.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to review these products, thanks Joni & DoTerra!! We would definitely recommend anything and everything from this wonderful company!

To learn more about the oils, go to the Everything doTerra site.

To order any oils, email Joni at

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