Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BE PRETTY: how to

It's time to talk beauty.

I love hearing new beauty tips. How selfish would it be of me to keep them to myself? I'm such a giver.

There was a beauty special in the Glamour magazine this month that shared the 10 foods that make you gorgeous. Eating to make you pretty? Sign me up.


Foods That Make You Gorgeous

1. Chicken

it helps produce hair-boosting keratin {!!!}

2. Salmon

The omega-3 acids maintain oils that keep your scalp and hair healthier

3. Strawberries

vitamin C= antiwrinkle power!

4. Tomatoes

Helps protect your skin from the sun, and helps hydrates

5. Oysters

The zinc boosts hair browth and may prevent breakouts

6. Water

the BEST hydrator- duh.

7. Low-fat Yogurt

Healthy bones and teeth

8. Dark Chocolate

fights skin-damagin free radicals. Must switch to dark.

9. Green tea

reduces effects of enviornmental skin damage

10. Horsetail Grass Tea

Nail-strengthening silica.

Good to know, right? I feel prettier already. Speaking of food, {one of my most favorite subjects} I loved this chart which will help our inner bodies become gorg as well.And there you have it. Beauty: inside-out.

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kent and liz said...

But cookies and ice cream make me smile... doesn't that work my face muscles to keep my face tight and youthful? :) I actually do feel prettier and more fresh looking after a healthy day of eating!