Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paisley Dean Vintage Auction (take 2)

We are so excited with how our first auction turned out!!

Here's another for your bidding enjoyment.

"Silver Lining" vintage blouse and skirt combo

fits like 0-2

tag says size 4

waist 23"ish
(C and H both fit into this dress so don't take this measurement too seriously!)

hip 35"

length: 42"

brand: leslie fay petites

condition: excellent vintage

Same rules apply!

1. Bid by leaving a comment with your bidding price and email address. BIDDING STARTS AT $10
2. Outbid other bidders by leaving another comment with a higher price ($.50 increments, please).
3. Auction ends Saturday, August 13, at midnight.

Don't want to play the bidding game?
Comment with "buy it now", and your email address for $40!


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