Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kim K's Wedding

I've been so anxiously sweating waiting to see these photos. Is that normal? Tell me I'm not the only one.
Anyway, they're here.

And I have to say they're kind of a let-down!

This didn't pull at my heart strings in the slightest. Were my expectations just way too high? Ugh.

I'm about to show how uncultured I this headwear thing a nod to her Armenian heritage? If it is, that's totally cool, I get it. If not, I have to say I pretty much hate everything about it. Her hair is a disappointment, too.

Is it just me or did her hair stylist really shellac her hair back with a couple bottles of VO5 Gel?

I will say, however her makeup looks flawless...and LOVE the earrings.

As you can see, the hair is much better here. Finally, the coveted Kim K hair we were wanting to see!

Is anyone else shocked that Brody and Avril are {still} dating?
The black tiers of cake? Ruin my life whydontcha? I would expect it from Avril but...

Hate me for saying it, but the bridesmaids look better than the bride, so sad!!

Did anyone else feel let down after seeing these?
Or was is the dream wedding you've always wanted?


Lissa said...

oh i know. i think kim is one of those most beautiful women alive but that hair! she has to be so pissed at her stylist. but of course, she's still beautiful.

Scott and Ashley said...

Omg I have been obsessed too! Total let down on the dresses...she could have had any dress in the world and she picked those THREE? I didn't love any of them! The cake..hideous...and kinda weird her bridesmaids looked like brides themselves!

Tiffany said...

couldn't agree more. the only good thing about her look was her make up. boring hair. ugly dresses. vera wang makes some of THE most gorgeous wedding dresses out there imo, but all 3 of these were not that pretty or that flattering on kim. I had way higher expectations.

Jamie said...

Agreed. Total let down but she probably has been planning this wedding since what like 1999 so that explains a lot to me. :) Great post, I've been looking for pictures just like this. PS. Maybe we can do a post just on my total celebrity love of my life Brody Jenner? Is he not amazing?