Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hair Scare

Have you seen the latest in hair trends?

You heard it here, kids:
Just because some celebrities have momentarily lost their minds (maybe the hair dye is affecting their brain cells), doesn't mean you should follow suit.

Sienna Miller with peach tips

Katy Perry with a lavender wash

Kate Bosworth with blue string cheese

Dianna Agron with hot pink tie dyed tresses

The ONLY celebrity that did this blasted trend any justice is LC. Well played, subtle blue low-lights. Well played.


Celeste said...

ooo i like it i think its cool.

Jen said...

I nearly died when I saw that pic of Dianna Agron. It looks AWFUL, and she has such beautiful hair!

Brenn said...

I'm not gonna lie, I kind loved LC's tie dyed tips... They looked pretty freaking sweet.

The rest of them were awful decisions though.... Eeekk.

The McGraths said...

This is even worse than the feather extensions. What is happening to our hair? Someone save us!

Allison Leigh said...

This reminds me of those barbies that you could color their hair. What they failed to mention was that it always looks horrible and then Barbie is stuck with that hair forever. hahah. This is an awful trend.