Sunday, July 17, 2011

WW: Coral Dreamsicle

I found it.
thee dress, to thee wedding of the year. (my brothers!)
Seriously though. C and I came across this and couldn't turn back.
Had to practically stalk until it came in my size.
PS: everyone needs a friend like C in their lives but good luck finding one!

Ignore the current sleeve sitch, which is obviously a problem in these pictures. And behold.
The aforementioned coral dream.

Now, a little help from all you beauties out there. Help me find the perfect shoe. Here are a few currently participating in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
Feel free to vote accordingly:


Seen any fantastic shoes out there that would be so perfect, let's hear it!

I can't let WW go without highlighting more Eliza J dresses. I'm so impressed with their designs!


Mars said...
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Mars said...

#2! You can never go wrong with a little leopard print shoe

Allison Leigh said...

I like number 1 actually. Although 2 and 3 are a bit fancier, I think the wedge would look nice since it's summer and so dang hot. You would look hot in the heat lol ;)

Allyssa said...

I love 1 for this dress! and im in LOVE with this dress!!! I love coral!

Jamie said...

1. What a great dress. Love it to pieces.
2. Love #1 shoes. I need me a pair like that asap!
3. Looks like Paisley is getting potty trained. Good luck.