Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Style Star: Selena Gomez

Let's talk Selena Gomez. Loving her! She has been making some real fab beauty and wardrobe choices lately, so I feel that she deserves a spotlight.

First, hair.
She changes it up quite a bit, but could be the poster girl for making all 'dos work!
I personally like her with bangs, or when it's long and wavy.

These next pics showcase her signature hair and makeup:

smokey eye, light lip, perfected skin. Try using either grey shadows with lots of black eyeliner, or bronze shadows with dark brown eyeliner. The trick is to smoke that shadow under the lower lashes and use lots of mascara!!

Some of my personal favorite style moments for SG:

Also, let's notice that she has "the pose" down pat. She's a total professional poser (in a good way). Hand on hip = skinnier arm.

Paula Ka dress

gold J. Mendel

Burberry Prorsum

Christian Cota top and shorts

Giambattista Valli

My only issue with loving SG is that sometimes she looks like a 12 year old...
...and other times a 25 year old! Her stylists need to keep her fun and fresh. This next look is AWFUL!

And I hate to admit it...
(Cause I always feel like it is borderline pedophilia when grown women love the Beibs)... but I LOVE them together!

What's your favorite Selena look?

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Britney Jean said...

i must admit that i'm a little obsessed with her! i love her style. and does she not remind you of Rachel Bilson? or is that just me...

and her and the biebs are so cute together. though i agree with the borderline pedophilia thing...haha