Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hair Product: gotta have it

Can't live without my Osis Dust It.
THEE best mattifying/dry shampoo for fine hair around.

This little gem will give your hair volume and lift in just a few seconds. Just use a tincy tiny amount on the roots in the crown area and voila! Once again, a little goes a looong way- you'll be surprised how long it takes you to go through the bottle. It also doubles as a great dry shampoo, soaking up any greasiness. And that, my beauties, is why you gotta have this product.


Britney Jean said...

i'll have to try it out! thanks for the tip...my hair is always so flat!

Ali Marcum said...

I love this stuff! i have short hair and it works miracles, my boyfriend brought it home one day for himself but now i use it constantly! haha i just can't get over how good it works.

Scott and Ashley said...

I am obsessed too! Its the best!

Rachel said...

I LOVE this product! My mom's hair stylist introduced it to me about a year ago and it is perfect for my extremely, thin, fine hair!