Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farewell to HP in style

Did anyone else see (and subsequently go into a downward spiral of post-HP depression) the last Harry Potter installment? Not only was the movie a smash hit, but Emma Watson herself made the London movie premiere the fashion event of the summer.

Behold, E-dub in Oscar de la Renta.
honestly, I can't breathe.

Plus, I am LOVING her hair right now. This slightly grown out version of her uber chic pixie truly bids Hermoine a formal, and fabulous, adieu.
Also, her makeup look is utter perfection. The pinky cheek and lip combo'ed with the slightly smokey eye gives me chills. Who votes for a how-to on this look for a blog post??

As a side-bar for all the Harry Potter geeks like me who wish to fall even more in love with Emma Watson as Hermoine, just take a look at this video of her at the premiere.


Ashley Lois said...

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I really did tear up a bit when she thanked JK Rowling for writing the books! Emma is so wonderful!

jennifer a said...

I love Emma! Yeah, we are totally on first name basis...in my mind. She is so classy. And I am also soooo sad about HP being over...I want to watch them all over and over again now!

Laura Burtis said...

I absolutely adore Emma!! That dress is beyond divine! She looked so gorgeous - and I totally got choked up watching that video!

Brenn said...

I has such a gigantic girl crush on Emma. She is so lovely, and classy! And I definitely teared up when she thanked JK Rowling for writing the books--my childhood would not have been complete without them!

Also, can I get a big YES PLEASE on her make up tutorial??