Sunday, June 5, 2011

WW: High and Waisted

Weekend Wardrobe

I love what a high waisted number does for a
- how do I put this politely-
stick figure body.
They make curves where there are none.
Well hello there junk, welcome to my trunk!

Outfit courtesy of:
Blouse: Gap
Skirt: H & M
(they have a great look-alike at Target right now)
Shoes: Nordstrom


Sarah Hawkins said...

I have that look alike from Target to wear to the wedding

Heather said...

hahahaha! You are too fun! I would never ever guess from this pic, that there wasn't junk in your adorable trunk!

-Heather from

kemra said...

you're stunning!

Kelly said...

Such a cute Blog! And cute skirt!
ps. Im Talan's mom from swim! ;)Thank you for giving me your card!