Wednesday, June 29, 2011

makeup galore

I often get asked, "How do you decide which of your makeup to use everyday?"

In other words, how do I dig through all this...
and know where to start? (this isn't even the half of it!)

I have to be armed with my essentials or else I would get lost in translation with all my ridiculous amounts of STUFF.

Here's my basics:
(clockwise from left)

Image sunscreen
MAC Strobe Cream
MAC Studio Moisture Tint
MAC Prolongwear Concealer
Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara
Shu Uemura Lash Curler
Highlight Powder for cheekbones, etc. (I like MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish powders)
MAC Brow Pencils in Spiked and Lingering
MAC Prep + Prime Skin
MAC Blacktrack creme liner
MAC Mineralize blush in Dainty
MAC Careblend Bronzer in Gold Go Lightly

Somedays I use all of these products, some days only the bare minimum. But having a basic kit of makeup will help you build the perfect makeup foundation to build upon with color (eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc.)!

We want to know...What are YOUR must have products??


M.C. Sommers said...

I see you already have it in your daily stash, but I love MAC's Studio Moisture Tint. Someone introduced me to it a few months ago and my life hasn't been the same since.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE image sunscreen. I use the same one!

Theresa said...

This makes me want to go makeup shopping. Is enough ever really enough (In your stash, not your face). I love Mac Mineralize Foundation Powder, it's so light and natural looking yet has amaze-balls coverage! I also use CG Volume Exact, thanks to your post on Mascara a few months back! It really does build a great lash! Thanks for hookin' that one up! I love your blog! Wish there was a new post like every 30 mins! I admit I am hooked! :)