Monday, June 6, 2011

i have a crush

I have a major style crush on
Betty Draper

January Jones
Do we have any Mad Men watchers out there?
I would watch it for the clothes alone.
Also, Don Draper isn't hard on the eyes either. See below.

My heart skips a beat looking at these clothes...and the hair! Oh I can't even talk about it.

Why can't we dress up like they used to? Sure jeans and a tee are a nice go-to but these outfits wouldn't hurt once in awhile...

Betty Draper, why do you have to be so fabulous? All. the. time.
Do you see what's happening in this picture? Perfection.
Let us take note of Betty off screen (on paparazzi) playing herself.
She's still a doll. Which is why I will award her my style crush award.


Catherine said...

I absolutely love her too! These clothes are TO DIE FOR.

Alexa Mae said...

I know what you mean. I'm even considering naming my next daughter January because I adore her so much. ;) But seriously.

Ashley Lois said...

I LOVE the styles from back in the day! I wish we still dressed up like that every day!